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current rave!


habits i should get rid of #1

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no. not smoking.  it’s this stupid shyflower syndrome that attacks me every time i see my crush.  symptom no. 1:  i clam up.  symptom no.2: i blush when i see him in a very sexy moment. symptom no.3: convulsive giggling in my own privacy like a freaking schoolgirl.

recommendation: get rid of that inferiority complex.  don’t plan ahead. just because you fancy him doesn’t mean you have to ask him to MOVE IN with you. curb your enthusiasm, you hormonal freak.  take mental notes. strike up a conversation, but DO NOT start with “so, what made you decide to upload that pic of you wearing your briefs?”

symptom no.3 attacks again. hihihi.


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you can tell it’s a truly, deeply fucked up world by the sheer amount of people who are into/considering/have recently taken up yoga.

and i’m one of them.

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more! more! more!

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i was very happy after i saw the Makiling challenge results. okay, so it sucks to be in the bottom 100, but it’s okay. i mean to land 234th in a field of 312 may look pathetic at face value, but i am unfazed. i estimated about 70% of the route to have been uphill, and to beat it at 1:07 is no small feat for me, who is accustomed to the flat (and boring) surface of funruns in manila. we in upm have this heartbreak hill in our 10km route, but that was NOTHING compared to the uplb route. the inclines were about 55 degres or even more, and one had to take them in rapid succession (about four or five of them — in one portion only) there were more uphill turns scattered all along the way.

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i think this blog is dying…

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i just don’t have the time to write anything important anymore. i have about seven drafts in my inbox, and none has gone past the publish button. i always decide to save them up after getting into them for about three paragraphs or so. i wanted to write about relationships and how i feel i don’t need them, but what’s the use. so instead of ranting with words i’m bound to eat later anyway, let me just tell you what is in store for me in the next few weeks.

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saturn returns

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where was i while the world just kept moving? i tried to keep up.

over the past couple of weeks i have come to appreciate that i did take some things for granted.   there was a time when i thought i could get away with anything, because there was simply no reason to try. i could slack off, because i can. i realize i had allowed myself to fossilize and stagnate, and that if nobody was willing nor able to push me, then maybe i should have pushed myself.

because recently, reality checked in and kicked me in the butt and out on the street.  i realized some people will let you down, some people will hurt you — but only if you let them.  which means instead of taking the gutter-level path of anger and recrimination and bitterness, i chose to take the high road.  i just asked myself at one point, “in times of crisis, if you can’t hold on to what you believe in, then what else have you got?”

but maybe that’s asking too much of people.

at the age of 29, saturn supposedly returns to its position in your natal chart.  the same spot it was in when you were born.  it takes saturn about the same amount of time to make one revolution around the sun.  at the said time, structures that have kept you down supposedly breaks down in order to pave way for the new.

and i have a nagging sense that some structures in my personal life did begin to unravel.  since last year.  i became more confident of myself, i became interested in what was outside my comfort zone.  i became more athletic. i intensified my traveling. and i began to challenge some things i always thought were true.  like whether the word friendship, in and of itself, conveys the power that it underlines. it is time to say hi to saturn.  and ask him to please, please, help me unload.  there are just some baggage that unnecessarily weigh me down.

and i have better things to do with my time.

what is economic benefit in tagalog?

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crap. my tagalog writing needs refining. i was translating a press release into the vernacular and i swear, my nose was bleeding. spoken? no problem. but the writing? sucks big time. and yes, how do you say economic benefit in tagalog? as far as mining is concerned, you can’t because there aren’t much!

look at what TVI did in Siocon, for example:


go to for more details.


some adventures do require advance planning

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ok i’m not ashamed to admit it.  i do not know how to bike. or swim.

but yesterday after the applicants’ orientation my batchmates taught me how to ride a bike. needless to say i’m well on my way to training, in preparation for the san mig enduro adventure race in september.  i’m so excited!!!

tope, ria and i are forming one team.  we hope to make up for with brains what we do lack in brawns.  ria and i are office-based people who spend more than eight hours in front of our monitors, while tope has a sprain on his ankle.  but ria and i can run fast. tope can bike quite easily and i have learned how to yesterday.  ria and tope can swim.  ria and i are good with puzzles.  i’ve always believed my navigational skills are excellent. or at least up to par.  and we’re quite passionate about doing this for the first time.  with the proper training we can pull this off. more running, hiking and biking in the next few months. hooray!!

nobody can hurt you without your consent

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as i always say, life has a way of falling into place if you do not force your luck. and i must learn how to truly go with the flow. then and only then can and will i truly know where i am supposed to be in life. and why.


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the one word i will never say to my comrades.  as alice said in closer — you never leave the one you love.

it just  tickles me that on the same day i am officially “released”, a letter to the editor comes out in the philippine daily inquirer bearing my name. it was actually a statement i wrote for the boss a few weeks back.  dumb old me forgot to put her name on it, and the email i sent the inquirer desk apparently had my signature on it, so the letter was accredited to me.

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