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this is the actual transcript of an actual interview with a famous personality whose insipid drivel i am writing up for a glam coffee table book. if you can help me summarize whatever fucking point she’s making here i would give you half of whatever pay i get from this raket, i swear. haha!

“When i say think big, ok i want to relate with Europe, all right Europeans, you come here, we speak French, we speak English, and we speak Spanish. We have schools. Imagine Lee Kuan Yu would say ok Singapore, we’ll speak English, Mahathir would say, Malaysia… Why can’t we think big? Always yong maliliit na bagay. That Filipinos would be the bridge between the South Pacific and the South East Asia, why cant we talk like that? Or we can be the bridge between the west coast in America and Luzon, manila. Why don’t we talk like that? Countries are talking like that. We’re always.. We cannot even open NAIA 3 up to now. We have to think big. Ganun, oo, sige. And then we have to… I hope this 50 luminaries should not be luminaries for themselves. They should be luminaries for the country. And get together. And really not just talk, talk, talk, with there to many talk shows, there also so many seminars, conferences, that’s why I’m doing all of these, dairy. You know, there’s money in milk and really humbly looking at the carabaos, how they breed a superior variety, how to discipline that rice farmer to wash his hands so when he milks that cow at 5 o’clock in the morning it’s clean milk which our children can drink, which who will give its blessings to. That’s the way to do it. You’ll say of these you know, the trajectory of the Filipino, it’s following the American dream, that sort of thing. You have to think more of the collective. And not so much of the individual human rights. But the rights of the nation, so be sense of responsibility, the military, everybody is going his own merry way. Sabog eh.”

and for confidentiality reasons i won’t even post here stuff she said about Japayukis and the poor, maligned Chinese. Just take her words of wisdom: “You must always hope even when there is death around you, that’s the cycle of life.” What?!? After you die you come back to life again, ma’am, like, uh, a zombie or something? Ok, so maybe I should go easy on her.  Blame the transcriptionist, who actually spelled the acronym BIMP-EAGA as “Bimpiyaga”.  Lord.


haaaay! ang hirap kumita ng pera! *lols*


Finding the Balance

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Ten years after the monumental Rio de Janeiro conference in which Agenda 21 was promulgated, stakeholders, experts and government representatives will gather once more on a scale that will probably even outmatch that of the previous World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio 92).

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Wanted: Baby-Maker

January 11, 2004 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Writings | 2 Comments

(written August 2002)

It was an interesting premise, one that had me glued for an hour to the television set. The drama unfolded on a TV show called The Practice with my favorite character Eleanor Frutt (played by Camryn Manheim) being brought to court by her bestfriend.

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The Shame of a Nation

July 7, 2003 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Writings | Leave a comment

We do not necessarily know them by names, but we sometimes see them as the subject of moving documentaries or late-night TV magazine shows.

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Dance Away Your Heartache

June 29, 2003 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Ennui, Kule, Writings | Leave a comment

The shot of tequila crawls down my throat. The liquid starts probing my body like a tongue on fire. It inches its way to every pore of my skin, my cold sweat a contrasting testament to the burning sensation I feel. For a moment, I forget the memories of a man I love so deeply, and banish my thoughts of him to the ruins of my shattered mindscape.

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Dig This

May 5, 2003 at 9:48 pm | Posted in Kule, Politics, Writings | Leave a comment

Concerned citizens from the quaint town of Montalban are raising a ruckus over what they perceive as the impending hazards posed by extensive quarrying operations in the area.

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