oh my god.

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am i ready for this?!?

Subic Marathon

and i have like, what, 66 days?!? damn. what the hell am i thinking.  i even missed the NB power race 25km last sunday because i was still in cebu.  i have no way of knowing if i can do this in 5 hours. crap. gotta get back on track.


on a different note:  i’m just glad my former colleagues in the house are okay after that blast last night.  the very same spot where i passed by thousands of times  for five years is now the scene of a crime for which innocents had to pay with their lives.  there have been times in my life while i still worked there that i thought the place really did deserve to be bombed.  maybe i still do.  but the targets are clearly defined in my head.  to whoever did this, couldn’t you have been more discerning? or is this way too insensitive at a time like this? oh well.




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you can tell it’s a truly, deeply fucked up world by the sheer amount of people who are into/considering/have recently taken up yoga.

and i’m one of them.

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more! more! more!

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i was very happy after i saw the Makiling challenge results. okay, so it sucks to be in the bottom 100, but it’s okay. i mean to land 234th in a field of 312 may look pathetic at face value, but i am unfazed. i estimated about 70% of the route to have been uphill, and to beat it at 1:07 is no small feat for me, who is accustomed to the flat (and boring) surface of funruns in manila. we in upm have this heartbreak hill in our 10km route, but that was NOTHING compared to the uplb route. the inclines were about 55 degres or even more, and one had to take them in rapid succession (about four or five of them — in one portion only) there were more uphill turns scattered all along the way.

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