she made my day

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this is the actual transcript of an actual interview with a famous personality whose insipid drivel i am writing up for a glam coffee table book. if you can help me summarize whatever fucking point she’s making here i would give you half of whatever pay i get from this raket, i swear. haha!

“When i say think big, ok i want to relate with Europe, all right Europeans, you come here, we speak French, we speak English, and we speak Spanish. We have schools. Imagine Lee Kuan Yu would say ok Singapore, we’ll speak English, Mahathir would say, Malaysia… Why can’t we think big? Always yong maliliit na bagay. That Filipinos would be the bridge between the South Pacific and the South East Asia, why cant we talk like that? Or we can be the bridge between the west coast in America and Luzon, manila. Why don’t we talk like that? Countries are talking like that. We’re always.. We cannot even open NAIA 3 up to now. We have to think big. Ganun, oo, sige. And then we have to… I hope this 50 luminaries should not be luminaries for themselves. They should be luminaries for the country. And get together. And really not just talk, talk, talk, with there to many talk shows, there also so many seminars, conferences, that’s why I’m doing all of these, dairy. You know, there’s money in milk and really humbly looking at the carabaos, how they breed a superior variety, how to discipline that rice farmer to wash his hands so when he milks that cow at 5 o’clock in the morning it’s clean milk which our children can drink, which who will give its blessings to. That’s the way to do it. You’ll say of these you know, the trajectory of the Filipino, it’s following the American dream, that sort of thing. You have to think more of the collective. And not so much of the individual human rights. But the rights of the nation, so be sense of responsibility, the military, everybody is going his own merry way. Sabog eh.”

and for confidentiality reasons i won’t even post here stuff she said about Japayukis and the poor, maligned Chinese. Just take her words of wisdom: “You must always hope even when there is death around you, that’s the cycle of life.” What?!? After you die you come back to life again, ma’am, like, uh, a zombie or something? Ok, so maybe I should go easy on her.  Blame the transcriptionist, who actually spelled the acronym BIMP-EAGA as “Bimpiyaga”.  Lord.


haaaay! ang hirap kumita ng pera! *lols*



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I don’t have to explain myself.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun every now and then.  I just hope the “documentation” isn’t eventually used against me.  I mean they’re nothing horrific or scandalous.  It’s just not something people think I could do.  But then again I’d like to think I still have a few surprises up my sleeves.  I will have fun when I want to, where I want to.  People can watch, people can drop dead hoping they could do the same thing, people can join in.  If they think it’s scandalous that’s their problem.  If they think it’s good for me then better, because there is, indeed, freedom on the dance floor and I will hit it because I can.

pride (in the name of love)

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single. i’m not dating anyone.  not for the longest time.  maybe i should.  but why bother.  you get to know a guy, you get disillusioned, and the pattern repeats.  just give me one shot, lord, and i will make it work.  the wait will be worth it.

true. i could just come right out and say it, but i won’t.   i’d rather be here and not take a chance — again. it’s comfortable. it’s safe.  no risks involved.

boring. but tried and true.  keep it to yourself and you save yourself the unnecessary embarrassment from someone who doesn’t even have the time of day for you.

wiser. because for everything there is a season.  for each person there is a moment, when you can say maybe this is worth a try.  or maybe we both know what’s going to happen anyway so let’s skip the whole process and agree to leave it at that.  this is as good as it gets, and to expect more from it would be to deny myself the chance to be there for someone else.

mine alone.  what i really want to say out loud because it’s true.  but i’d rather cherish it by myself.  i’m not going to say it.  instead i’ll just write a nifty, short blog about it. and finish it quick because i just wrote it down and decided to erase it and instead came up with this confessional sentence which should be the end of this entry.

hello, stranger

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i prefer someone who’s so totally out of my loop, for once.  i don’t want to find his fucking beautiful face on friendster and be disappointed seeing our connections and finding the same old circles and all-to-familiar loops pointing the relational arrows his way.

for once, i want to meet someone who doesn’t have one or two people in his circle who is connected to someone in my circles.  i don’t know why, but maybe just because some of those circles are filled with hypocrites and vultures, and it would hurt me to know he’s associated with people i wouldn’t normally associate myself with.  or maybe i’m just moving in the wrong direction and i don’t want to end up in the same spot after all this time.

or maybe i just want to get away from all the prying eyes and for once, work something out with someone without everyone talking about my business.

maybe because struggling with a beautiful face everyone knows means that there won’t be too much privacy for the two of you to begin with.

the best move then, is to make no move at all. and keep plodding against the tide of this crappy, confusing interest that has developed.

there are just some things

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that are not meant to be. one has to face that fact sooner or later. or else, linger.  i’ve come too far to fall for that old habit.

gad, i need sugar.

i am one hilarious furball of tasteless negativism

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Song of the Moment: A Different Corner, George Michael
To Do (tasks, not people): know where the fuck I’m staying in Davao
Current State: feeling stupidly sentimental

i don’t get it. my scores are waaaaaaay too low to be in ‘okay’ mode. i answered as honestly as i think was possible and i do believe i was candid all throughout. supposedly, all areas of my life, except for body and spirit, have fallen below the general population average. 6.5 for life, 6.4 for mind, 4.6 for friends/family, 4.3 for love, and 6.4 for finance. the average for body and spirit are 6.9 and 6.4, respectively. credit the high scores for climbing and for settling with the fact that i can say i don’t go to any church and i’m fine with my faith.

ah, screw it. i’m okay, i know. never mind the red bar. who cares. at the end of the day i can still say i feel just fine. i could be better but what the heck, another day, another chance. right?

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 5.7
Mind: 5.9
Body: 7.6
Spirit: 7.3
Friends/Family: 4.4
Love: 1.4
Finance: 4.8
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

while munching on chocolates after lunch…

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excuse me while i disappear

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for the sake of a post

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tony asks me this morning why i haven’t blogged in weeks. well, let’s see. aside form being all over my steven for the past month, it seems i’m stuck with two unpalatable topics neither of which i relish expounding on.

one, i could write about a fight i had with somebody, but i’m big enough to move on and beyond people who don’t matter much.

or two, i could write about revel bars and why i find them special but i don’t want to end up leaving work to zoom off some place to hang around and end up even more confused than i already am.

so with these choices at hand i think i’d rather tinker around some more with zlauncher and all those wonderful freeware they have at palmgear.

oh and yeah, get some work done na lang. hehe.

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so when i woke up this morning my palm had suddenly gone dead on me. last night i began having trouble turning it on, and my immediate suspect was the underclocker program i had put in to supposedly save up on batt life. as a multimedia handheld the zire is pretty awful when it comes to charging (read: sock it in everyday for 2 hours tops). but when i tinkered with the setting for the pxaclocker, my handheld went cuckoo.

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