what i wish for you

January 3, 2008 at 7:06 pm | Posted in Friends | 2 Comments

to make up for the sucky gifts i am yet to give them i will make wishes for my closest friends instead. hehehe. take them as tokens of growing friendships, gals. some words i say here may hurt but let me assure you it’s only because i want what’s good for you, even if i have to be mean while doing it.

in no particular order:

to e., breadth of awareness.

to i., discernment to do what is right for herself and not for anything else.

to c., resilience. calm waters.

to y., discipline to carry through our plans.

to f., a wider lake with lots of other fish in it.

to m., safe streets and nights in singapore.

to r., excitement in her work.

to t., your own mark in your own spot in this world.

to l., a sense of service to others, and no more boys!

there. some might be too revealing but what the heck. i really, really wish you all the best gals. i might have other wishes for some other friends so maybe i will just update this list later on.

and shouldn’t it be obvious what i wish for myself?  LESS JUDGMENTS!!!! hahaha!!



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  1. how sweet.

  2. ako ba si e? mwehehehe

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