oh my god.

November 14, 2007 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Sports | 4 Comments

am i ready for this?!?

Subic Marathon

and i have like, what, 66 days?!? damn. what the hell am i thinking.  i even missed the NB power race 25km last sunday because i was still in cebu.  i have no way of knowing if i can do this in 5 hours. crap. gotta get back on track.


on a different note:  i’m just glad my former colleagues in the house are okay after that blast last night.  the very same spot where i passed by thousands of times  for five years is now the scene of a crime for which innocents had to pay with their lives.  there have been times in my life while i still worked there that i thought the place really did deserve to be bombed.  maybe i still do.  but the targets are clearly defined in my head.  to whoever did this, couldn’t you have been more discerning? or is this way too insensitive at a time like this? oh well.




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  1. i feel almost guilty for being relieved that our friends are safe, when i found out that so many had been injured and four have died. real innocents just working for a living. hay.

  2. it really felt so close to home not just because we have friends there but also because the place is one which we both know only too well. grabe. how many times have i stood on that very same spot waiting for a shuttle bus, or chatting with colleagues, or walking out from the House? it could have happened any time, to any one and it really just eroded my sense of security just a bit more. tsk.

  3. ano to vince? ironman triathlon challenge o death march? hehehe

  4. marathon wehehehe parang nachi-chicken na nga ako eh haha

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