habits i should get rid of #1

September 12, 2007 at 7:06 pm | Posted in Nothing, Off the Net, Raves | 3 Comments

no. not smoking.  it’s this stupid shyflower syndrome that attacks me every time i see my crush.  symptom no. 1:  i clam up.  symptom no.2: i blush when i see him in a very sexy moment. symptom no.3: convulsive giggling in my own privacy like a freaking schoolgirl.

recommendation: get rid of that inferiority complex.  don’t plan ahead. just because you fancy him doesn’t mean you have to ask him to MOVE IN with you. curb your enthusiasm, you hormonal freak.  take mental notes. strike up a conversation, but DO NOT start with “so, what made you decide to upload that pic of you wearing your briefs?”

symptom no.3 attacks again. hihihi.



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  1. Hi, this entry is amusing and malandeeee. I meant that in a good, giggly-ish school girl way. Hahahay! Crushes! 😀

  2. Aaww. How sweet. But yeah, you need to learn the skills of seeming cool even when you feel like your body is on fire! 🙂

    Your Love Coach

  3. haha thanks for the comments gals. still learning how to curb my enthusiasm. hehehe

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