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you can tell it’s a truly, deeply fucked up world by the sheer amount of people who are into/considering/have recently taken up yoga.

and i’m one of them.

i couldn’t help but wonder, as my head laid down low in between my legs one saturday afternoon:  is the world really so full of conflict taht people are looking everywhere for peace? hehehe. but seriously, yoga is cool.  and best of all, my friend joanne holds classes where the rates are absolutely friendly.

yoga is a good form of exercise especially since it trains one on two very important athletic elements: breathing and balance. yoga helps my balance which is very relevant to mountaineering, and my breathing which is very important to my running. it’s a beginner’s class for me right now, and maybe after some time i will go into advance classes, depending on how joanne takes the class later on.

but first i have to do the tree pose over and over again till i can master my balancing act. hehe. the tree pose is my favorite, so far. because it builds strength in the legs. the next would be the standing dog. i don’t know exactly which body part is trained for it — i think it trains the ass (hmm….). but believe me, even if some poses are quite, uhmm, intimate, it would be the last thing on your mind. not only because you’ll be sweating, but because you’ll be relaxed. you will feel your lazy bones stretched out and your blood flowing, and all the toxins evaporating from your pores.

i have a nagging suspicion, though, that the mirrors in the studio were all fogged up because of me, because i’ve noticed i’m a very exothermic person. read: i sizzle, quite literally, after my physical activites — eg, running. which is a good sign. it means my metabolism is very active. anything i eat is put to good use. and yoga, helps me achieve that overriding goal: a healthier lifestyle. and a 26-inch waistline, hahahaha!

on the other hand i am getting pissed off at the lack of information available out there on the upcoming san mig light enduro adventure race. friends tell me that’s how ARs usually go, but i don’t know. i guess i’m just excited. my competitive spirit is urging me to keep training because i want to win, which has in turn led me to think twice about my line-up. i was thinking of ditching tope, but i guess i will keep my word. we’re joining it for fun. after all, the reality of it is, i’m new to all this, and i will be up against some really, really good people. so i’m keeping my expectations low for now, and will just stay tuned if it is finalized. and i will keep tope, knee injury and all. we have to schedule that stair-climbing exercise soon.


i need to brush up on my BMC. gee, has it been that long? anyway i’m climbing this weekend with UPM and we have some BMC items up on the itinerary. the last thing i want is to look stupid in front of applicants, not knowing how to take care of, and use, a bolo. or to orient a map. or *gasp* build a fire.


mental note: get my own digicam. soon. if i keep on talking about sports here i will fail to capture the beauty of the things i do. so better make them visual.


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  1. yay! go yoga! 😀

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