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August 13, 2007 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Raves, Sports, UP Mountaineers | Leave a comment

i was very happy after i saw the Makiling challenge results. okay, so it sucks to be in the bottom 100, but it’s okay. i mean to land 234th in a field of 312 may look pathetic at face value, but i am unfazed. i estimated about 70% of the route to have been uphill, and to beat it at 1:07 is no small feat for me, who is accustomed to the flat (and boring) surface of funruns in manila. we in upm have this heartbreak hill in our 10km route, but that was NOTHING compared to the uplb route. the inclines were about 55 degres or even more, and one had to take them in rapid succession (about four or five of them — in one portion only) there were more uphill turns scattered all along the way.

so my goal for next year is to encourage more of my upm friends to join the makiling challenge. and on a personal level, land in the top 100 (which requires a clock-in of about 45 minutes) or at the very least, finish the route in under 1 hour, which is pretty much the standard if i am serious about training harder for the MILO marathon next year.

in other news, i visited my RR friends in munti. no they didn’t go to jail. they signed up for this crazy 24-hour mountain bike challenge, and i lent my moral support. funny thing though was we’d been adviced not to wear orange on ur way to the site. i forgot. so i changed costumes in the cab on our way. the traffic was so fucking cruel. it took us two hours to get from ayala to munti. as a result half the food we brought for our batchmates was gone by the time we got there. hehe.

apparently almost all my batchmates finished the route requirement — finish 15 laps of the 5.5km route in 24 hours. the prize goes, though, to the most number of laps made. a couple made valiant efforts and i’m happy for them too. i never even got to the stage where i even considered joining. i knew it wasn’t my forte — yet.

hopefully the same challenge will be held next year — in a different venue (fairview, i wish). and hopefully i would have trained enough by then. i will sign up for the solo category. and aim for 20 laps at least. hehe.

but for now the marathon is my priority. just got meself a new pair of running shoes and they are comfy. luv em, luv em. i took them for a trial run yesterday and except for the fact that i didn’t warm up, my legs and feet were pretty much okay with them as i did my 12km. i would have pushed for 15km but i was too bored by the time i was at the acad oval. ho-hum. gotta go try a new route next time.

i just need to get over this feeling of being sick and tired of doing it when i am actually doing it and then longing to do it when i’m not. it’s my single biggest challenge right now — keeping them all in my head and not executing them because i’m a lazy person. argh.


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