some adventures do require advance planning

July 9, 2007 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Something | 2 Comments

ok i’m not ashamed to admit it.  i do not know how to bike. or swim.

but yesterday after the applicants’ orientation my batchmates taught me how to ride a bike. needless to say i’m well on my way to training, in preparation for the san mig enduro adventure race in september.  i’m so excited!!!

tope, ria and i are forming one team.  we hope to make up for with brains what we do lack in brawns.  ria and i are office-based people who spend more than eight hours in front of our monitors, while tope has a sprain on his ankle.  but ria and i can run fast. tope can bike quite easily and i have learned how to yesterday.  ria and tope can swim.  ria and i are good with puzzles.  i’ve always believed my navigational skills are excellent. or at least up to par.  and we’re quite passionate about doing this for the first time.  with the proper training we can pull this off. more running, hiking and biking in the next few months. hooray!!



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  1. hi vince!

    found your blog again! 🙂

    wow, ang exciting ng near-future physical adventures mo! ang galing! good luck sa biking and swimming. i’ve been wanting to get a bike for the longest time, but my meager savings are always spent on some other expense. hahay..

    anyway, link kita dito sa bagong blog ko? keri? di pa ako maka-post tungkol sa sibuyan trip natin kasi di ko pa na-a-upload mga fotos. soon, i hope..

    catch you again,


  2. bicycle! bicycle! i wanna ride my bicycle!


    masarap i-sound trip habang nagba-bike. hehehe


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