A Word to Whoever was in Anawangin last May 26-27

May 29, 2007 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Rants, Something, Travels | Leave a comment

It was my third time in that place.  The two previous excursions I was there, the place was absolutely solemn and quiet.  But apparently the word is out on Anawangin nowadays.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s God’s free earth, and you can go anywhere you want to.  And why would I want to keep Anawangin to myself, when I’m sure the place could offer the same healing, quiet time every urbanite like me needs every now and then?

But this weekend, I realized how violated the place had been.

The past weekend saw about a hundred people trooping to the beach, bad weather and all.  And there was this irresponsible and lazy group of  people who left behind two large bags of garbage behind, and another group who hit and and kept striking at a snake on a tree and killed it.  Last January there was this open pit with smashed bottles in it, and all sort of garbage.  And then there were those who were so stupid not to bring along headlamps and used bonfires instead.  Whoever you are, shame on you.  You should know better than to leave your shit lying around or disturb the natural look of the place.

The place is isolated, you jerks, meaning no garbage trucks ever get there, just in case you lost your logic along with the waves.  What you bring to that cove, you take home with you.  I’m no hypocrite, I smoke.  But I tuck my shit in with my stuff, with this little invention called the garbage bag.  All you smoking idiots who flicked your butts all over the place might want to try learning a little civilization some time.  Your butts are making the place look bad.

The private poso bogged down again from overuse, by the way.  People bathed and soaped and shampooed, when they could have done that at Pundakit.  No drainage in the place, people, does that make any sense to you?

The word is out on Anawangin, and not everyone is taking it responsibly.

So please, all you adventure seekers out there.  Leave no trace. It isn’t that hard to do.  Just remember, whatever you brought in, you take away with you when you leave.  And fuck off the wildlife. They’re not bothering you.


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