goodbye, anawangin

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my fears in my previous post? they turned out to be unfounded after all. well maybe not totally since there was still a heavy downpour, to be sure. but the thought that i would be completely miserable? not true.

we got to  pundakit at about 10am, after some people were late by an hour. the funny thing about this is that this was a gung-ho trip.  the previous night i was texting torpe and miles, whether “wala nang atrasan to, right? magkamatayan na beach tayo bukas.”

so the brave among us were there at the beach front at 10am.  everybody who said they were going were there, except michi and rhea (hmph!).  four people were hiking it, for our scheduled talikasan someitme in june.  everybody else were there for the sand and sea. we negotiated with my contact for boats, but smelled a rat with the rate they wanted.  kerwin contacted a cheaper boat, but refused to go out to sea because ta-da –the waves were coming in.  so we ended up with the original boat contacts at the price we originally agreed upon.

we left tope, kel and jr behind to wait for the ultimate latecomer of all — jec who was coming in with miles and his party.

we who wer eon the boats however, had to dock at the other cove beside anawangin because of the waves. what this meant was that we had to hike it up a hill as well — backpacks and all, to get to the other side.  it took us about 30 minutes to get in and set up camp.

and from there it was just all fun.  the calm waters of anawangin was gone by the time we were settled in.  surf-grade waves were washing on the shore and we were left with little swimming and mostly jumping and crashing against the waves instead. it started to rain and we had to take lunch under kerwin’s makeshift shelter.  i love that tarp, which we affectionately call the “embassy tent” because it’s always used for our socials wherever we go.
at about 3pm, a man came up form behind us while we were having beer.  he walks up to us and asks with an angas tone, if we were from UP.  we were hesitant to reply until he said he had passengers who were looking for the UPM group.  it turns out he was the bangkero for miles and company. he swam to shore just to look for us.  up to now i still don’t get the point why he had to swim all the way to the cove and back to the boat which was about 200 meters out to sea.  we had a riot making fun of that “visit”.

miles, hannah, his mom and sister got in at about 4pm, through the same route we came in.   the difference was — they had to hike it up with two coolers loaded with ice, a couple of baskets of food, bags, bogey board, fins, and tope and jec’s bags which we left behind earlier in the day.

the boys fetched them all the way back, leaving me, fe and ria alone at campsite. while waiting there was girl talk of course.  it was nice and therapeutic.

the recon team got in at sundown.  the trek took them 4 hours without a guide. by sundown the company was complete. and hungry. and wet. but everyone was having fun.

we ran out of rice the following day, sunday.  nobody, it seemed, wanted to cook at all by lunch time.   so we just laid around, swam, played frisbee, danced to ria’s mp3s and endured jec’s playlist (haha), swagged with red horse, swam some more and before we knew it we were leaving anawangin. again. as we walked towards the south end of the beach where our boats were thankfully able to dock, i took one last look at the beach.

the three times i have been there, including this weekend were moments when i needed to reflect, and this time, i had to take my own moment.  anawangin had  become that place for me.  it was where i went to get away, to hide, to reflect.  but damn it, i’ve been doing too much reflection.

eileen was right.  i have to do that for the last time.  because the next time i go to the beach, i have to learn how to enjoy myself.  i have to redefine getting away.  the baggage is just what it is — baggage, and i have to have it checked in at some other place.  the sea and the summits will not have any of it. and this weekend proved me right.  there were moments of reflection but i will remember it more for the fun and the camaraderie that had solidified and strengthened.  it was no time to be unloading.  it was time to be moving.  and on and on it must be.

if talikasan pushes through, that will be the last of it.  i will not be seeing anawangin for a very long time.


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  1. pls be super careful when going to anawangin. there’s strong currents there. wear life vest. grab a floater and ask for help at once po..

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