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if you have a high level of tolerance for pain, i suggest you try out the thai massage they offer at tonton’s. they have a branch in morato and another one at v. luna. am not too sure whether they have one in makati and greenhills.

i went last night because the pain in my back was just awful. i went in, checked in with the counter lady and i was assisted to a chair where my feet was soaked in warm water with alcohol. it was my second time there, and i knew it was necessary because thai massage is pretty intimate.

i went upstairs, led by my masseur to a curtain-partitioned cubicle where i changed into an XL robe and an equally disproportionate pair of pants. i looked like a character from honey i shrunk the kids.

the massage starts from the feet and works its way up to your back and head (i signed up for the body and back combo of 1 hour and a half). it concentrates on pressure points within your body that allows for better circulation and in turn inspires your organs to function better. i think.

so the masseur worked her way up my legs and towards where i believe the sun didn’t shine. just about less than an inch where, had she gone any further, i would have been pressed to tell her, “miss, those are my balls, please lay off.”

she turned me sideways to press on my limbs and that’s where the intensity of the massage began. it was painfully good. when she had me on my back, i guess she felt comfortable enough with me to go to that particular place where only boys have gone before. i didn’t know i had pressure points down the lower-lower back to the ass area, and i have to admit it tickled to have an elbow on my ass.

of course to really enjoy this you have to rid yourself of malice. thai massage is very intimate — or should i say “singit-centric. that area will be pressed, cajoled, kneaded, etc. and your spine will feel the pressure once you feel the entire weight of her body on your back when she starts massaging that area. when she concentrates on your feet she’ll pull it up under her arms and you might feel something with your feet, so be careful.

all in all, a pleasant experience. very worth it. the muscle pains are gone now, and the cold build up in my joints have been thankfully popped out of my system. now it’s time for a pedicure. eww.


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