pride (in the name of love)

April 19, 2007 at 11:58 am | Posted in Emotions, Getting a Life, Positivity, Something about Nothing | Leave a comment

single. i’m not dating anyone.  not for the longest time.  maybe i should.  but why bother.  you get to know a guy, you get disillusioned, and the pattern repeats.  just give me one shot, lord, and i will make it work.  the wait will be worth it.

true. i could just come right out and say it, but i won’t.   i’d rather be here and not take a chance — again. it’s comfortable. it’s safe.  no risks involved.

boring. but tried and true.  keep it to yourself and you save yourself the unnecessary embarrassment from someone who doesn’t even have the time of day for you.

wiser. because for everything there is a season.  for each person there is a moment, when you can say maybe this is worth a try.  or maybe we both know what’s going to happen anyway so let’s skip the whole process and agree to leave it at that.  this is as good as it gets, and to expect more from it would be to deny myself the chance to be there for someone else.

mine alone.  what i really want to say out loud because it’s true.  but i’d rather cherish it by myself.  i’m not going to say it.  instead i’ll just write a nifty, short blog about it. and finish it quick because i just wrote it down and decided to erase it and instead came up with this confessional sentence which should be the end of this entry.


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