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dead city

i’ve always loved the sight of the city shutting down. enjoying the serenity of absent people may be a bit twisted, but the relative peace and quiet afforded by a city in slow motion, if not, total stop, is a welcome respite.

i can imagine malls and shops and restaurants on an otherwise normal day, filled with people, with all their stories and all their problems. in one fell swoop they are all gone and all that is left are edifices, concrete monuments to commerce and the cash-driven society.

i like walking on streets when the city is dead, and i remember that least time i did this last year i went as far as the same commercial districts that teem with life on normal days. i liked the fact that there were only a few people walking the streets, lesser vehicles plying their routes.

maybe i’m having a case of sprawl-fever, or manila is really just too congested for comfort.

summer city

though i may not really agree with the idea that the city is empty because people are elsewhere taking advantage of the holidays, i accept it. i’ve always had a problem with long holidays because i believe these days are better spent keeping the country running. but it’s tradition, and maybe that’s why i resent it in the first place. and i guess it’s not because i’m still here in the city. as a matter of fact, in recent years i’ve been taking advantage of the long holidays myself. maybe it’s because i’m a routine person, and too lazy to break off from my rut.

this year will be a bit different. mother and i are going on our first out of town in years. northbound with reservations for the midnight express to the summer capital where, i believe, all the denizens of half of luzon will be when we get there.

the accommodations are free courtesy of the landlady, and the budget is relatively okay courtesy of a not-so-fat extra from the last paycheck. not much stuff on the to-buy list, we’re just after the weather. will be back sunday.


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