if i don’t stick to this plan you have a license to slap me in the face

March 20, 2007 at 6:35 pm | Posted in Getting a Life, Travels | 4 Comments

getting back from talikasan just reinvigorated the wanderlust in me. even though my top priority right now is still getting inducted into upm, i have about two months in waiting and i would like to fill it up with climbs, beaches and a more dedicated schedule for rowing.  so here goes nothing.

second week of april,  (13-14) i will climb another mountain.  i am thinking of gulugod because it’s a piece of cake. although i’ve been told the place is becoming more and more “domesticated” nowadays — locals fencing the area, etc. target companions:  akbayan pals and batchmates.

last week of april i will organize another  climb — to tapulao or tarak.  level two climbs, both, with their own particular difficulties in them.

i might have to strike out baguio and daet from my sked. it’s the lean paycheck season, and the elections are coming up, and there’s tons to do.

i will get back into rowing, at least twice a week.  promise. and i will stay on the bowside at all cost. paddling on the strokeside almost gave me a stroke last time i tried.

in may i will go back to anawangin.  with the same crowd i went with last january.  the schedule will depend on what dates are set aside for talikasan 2.

and in june, hopefully, with favorable conditions, i intend to get inducted at all cost.  in ugo. if i have to conjure the entire thing by myself, i will do it.

now if these things do not happen, slap me in the face.  because if i don’t take decisive action and get away, i’ll probably end up a looney.



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  1. how can I do that? – slap you i mean…

    but i don’t know you so i guess i can’t get the license 😉

  2. heya, vince! i’m back from the dead. again. hay naku. see you around.

  3. it’s sad to read that you’re skipping bagasbas. but hey, there’ll be other trips. it wouldn’t be the same without you, though. (shet, i sound like your lover! hehehe)

  4. Quyen, don’t worry i won’t be giving you any reason to slap me anyway — I’m working on this plan even as I type this.

    Joey, what else is new? 😛

    Squiggle, yeba! sama ka na lang sa anawangin ng may. 😀

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