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this process has been underway for almost nine months now, which is what makes it comparable to childbirth.  from the very first day when i attended the orientation, the rush to send in my application on the last day for the deadline, to the first lecture i attended, the notorious 6.6km for which not a lot of people had training, to the first climb in puange, the controversial batch party, to the month-long training for the 10k, the liliw climb which still makes me giggle to this day, to that fateful first turn at the practical exams, the reviews, the beach getaways to isla verde for my EA and crystal beach for the december exam, the retake, my aborted 15k in december, the elvis concert, the injuries, the bonding, the issues, the hardships, the new found friends, and the dreaded 15km run.

it’s been a long time coming but with ample training and support, the 15km run is now nothing but another hurdle that had just been conquered. with seven mnutes to spare, in fact! whew!  it seems like month after month after month that i went through this training i was doing something i had never done before.

and next week, this process is about to culminate. i am a mountaineer, like a growing number of people out there… but before february ends, unlike most of them, i will be a UP Mountaineer.

YES! *cartwheel*

…and then the real hardwork begins. Hahaha.


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