February 1, 2007 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Positivity, Raves | Leave a comment

what do you do when you’re so pissed with the way your day is turning out? when you’re so anxious you start to wonder — why can’t people just drop dead when you want them to?

when the monotony of keyboards and after-office destinations egg you to go somewhere else instead of the usual, what do you do?

you chop off seven inches off the hair you’ve been growing for more than two years. you say goodbye to the stubborn locks and the sun-brittled strands.

it’s in your hands, alex, i say. make me look fucking good to look at.

and so it came to pass. the hair that had, at one point reached halfway down my back is now nothing but a distant memory.

i could swear it was such a felicity moment.

snip this corner, and there goes that boy from this place. cut the edges of that corner and there goes that boy from last year. trim this side and there goes that boy who used to love running his fingers through my hair. or that boy who buried his face in my hair while we slept together. it was time to cut them out of my life.

it’s my fucking hair, boys. whether you think it’s cute or totally effem is not my problem anymore. the point is to have a style that makes me feel good.

and now i do. i really do. i do the do, and it shouldn’t matter to you.


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