the final push

September 13, 2006 at 4:51 am | Posted in UP Mountaineers | Leave a comment

with my completion of a level2 climb, i just earned myself continuing status with UPM. this means that if for some reason i cannot continue with my application period for the next month or so, i can resume my application process next year,with fewer requirements to fulfill. in essence this means i have one foot in already.

i hope that for the next few weeks i won’t have to invoke this clause, because i’d rather get to the finish line with this crop of apps. and i wish them the same.

now let me tell you about UPM. it’s a merry mix of people from various backgrounds and personalities, with the shared passion for athleticism and the great outdoors that primarily motivates people to get in and stay. we leave no trace, and the mountain is not an obstacle course, but a friend and a breathing, living thing of which we are a part of. (teka, ano yun, parang puno?)

my exposure so far has opened up possibilities that include the chance to learn more about getting into shape and staying fit. a lot of members join adventure races and triathlete events. i don’t know yet but they sure sound exciting, so i might just train my sight on those kinds of activities soon, just for the heck of it.

and of course, when it comes to mountaineering, the UPM has an established reputation (romy garduce, anyone?). the training you get is not just actually on how to climb a mountain but to actually explore and set new trails. the outdoor skills you have to master comes in handy for anyone who spends a lot of time outside and in the wilderness (which is comparable to how we should spend life, right? (in the ‘wilderness’ of our own private choices).

and besides, this is THE UPM. unrivalled and exemplary, often aped but never equalled.  to be a member would be a source of infinite pride. to keep climbing with UPM would be such an honor, all towards that goal of kicking ass in trails. yes, i want to learn how to kick ass hiking.  i am an aspiring astronaut — climbers who float on trails, hiking like they were flying.  if i get over my fear of ravines and adding to already acquired head injuries, hehe.
but before i earn that dog tag that comes with a membership, i have to hurdle some more tasks: a 15k diagnostic that MUST be finished in 1:45, a written exam, a practical skills test that will last two days, a final interview and of course an induction climb that members promise will break your back.

i’ve heard rumors about what goes on in these induction climbs and i must say i’m terrified and excited at the same time. i’m almost there, and it’s only a matter of time management from now on. to never ever be late or else a price will be paid. just last night four apps got the ax, two of them quite good pals of mine — for being late. it was the worst feeling in this process, so far. to see people falling by the wayside after everything we’ve been through together.

but as a batch we’re still strong at 30+ right now. it’s a big group, and we are beeing keenly watched. the smallest mistake will be very very devastating emotionally from now on. but with a little luck and determination, we might just still make it intact. so i hope i get to the finish line myself, and with the company i like by my side.


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