the limits of my legs

September 5, 2006 at 3:51 am | Posted in UP Mountaineers | 1 Comment

my horoscope says: “Stop pretending this is enough. The stars want you to acknowledge your passions. What genuinely moves you? What do you love to do so much that you’d do it for free? Set your sights in that direction.”

what is that old saying that goes: we must know our limits and never stop trying to exceed them? yeah, that’s it.

and so it was. my clock in was 1:01. fourteen freaking minutes to spare. it was a personal milestone.

with the tremendous assistance of the likes of pia and dennis, both UPM officers, i pushed like never before and just earned myself a ticket to the level2 climb this weekend. wuhoooo!

last saturday i made a breakthrough sticking it out with ria, who is way faster than i, and made it at 1:12. but i still walked a great deal back then. so the confidence level was up, but when we actually ran yesterday, members paced us and i didn’t get any slack. that is, i couldn’t walk because i was flanked, haha!

the rain was actually a blessing. i didn’t even feel myself sweating anymore, i was drenched like everyone else — apps and mems running — but was more worried about my mp3 player in my pocket (still running as of last night thankfully).

upon reaching ‘heartbreak hill’ i was trying to see if i could walk just a teeny-weeny little bit, but na-ah, pia and dennis were right there to make sure i kept these freaking legs running, hehe. and so it was that the sprint up that hill ensured that the place live up to its name. when i cleared it, i was begging dennis — who was so kind to carry my bottle for me — for water, haha!

panting like anyone else whose lungs are filled with nicotine, i couldn’t even pay attention to the interesting “wildlife” that were passing by. and when i started having stitches, i began begging God, to please, please, please make me fart. ansaket!

by the time we were rounding it up, dennis told me to sprint it. i acknowledged by running as fast as i furiously could. my legs felt numb, but the knowledge that i was going to pass made my heart feel so light and everything worth it.

this is the insight i get from this process. you earn friends not just from a shared passion — mountain climbing — but from actually sharing in the hardships and the sacrifices that come along with the application. and that’s the kind of belonging that sticks with a person, for as long as he or she loves what he or she is doing. and i love it so far.

the officers were out in full force yesterday for us, and so were the guys who’d just returned from 2A last weekend. so i had no excuse to slack off, even though my toes, which i love dearly, had been badly disfigured by blisters from the past month of practice.

and besides, with passing the 10k run comes a very sweet, sweet reward. aside from the chance to go up with UPM again, i’m very excited about one little detail about this trip. ngayon pa lang kinikilig na ko. haha!


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  1. update: fucking mp3 player dead. waaaah am so sorry princess!!

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