goodbye, aimee

August 11, 2006 at 8:44 am | Posted in Musings and Epiphanies, the L word | 1 Comment

“Are you confusing the idea of love with the concept of being rescued? If the answer’s yes, no wonder your last few forays into dating have been slightly bizarre. It’s time to get some clarity on what you want.”

So I guess that’s it. No more waiting for someone perfect to come rescue me, or worse, complete me.

Aimee Mann’s “Save Me” no longer applies. It’s time to keep on this road, and if he comes along then fine and well. If he leaves me where I stand, then I shall just keep going.

I don’t need to be saved. I need to be accepted, for who and what I am.


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  1. some piece of advice, realized it just a few days back:
    don’t compare what you have in your life to what you see in the movies, or hear about. with the amazing person you are, i’m sure you share quite amazing relationships with all sorts of people. they don’t have to be non-platonic to make you feel accepted or saved or something.
    i’m single, but happy. because i have tons of you people surrounding me! 🙂
    i’ve gotten hurt, just a few months back. and thought i couldn’t get past it; but i realized after, i got disappointed because i had a vision or some ideals for my romantic story. let everything go. hold on to your faith. and you’ll find things you never even dreamed possible. 🙂 really!
    just think of the indispensable friendships you keep now– did you ever dream of them when you were a kid? hindi naman diba? you never had ideals of friendships. but life just surprised you with awesome ones. i believe it’s the same with romantic ones… society’s just played it up too much for us to mold our ideals (making us prone to disappointment). just have faith and focus on your own growth, it’ll be inevitable for life to hide happiness from you!

    okay, parang nobela na ‘to. 🙂 i could just relate to the stuff you wrote.. previous entries and stuff. relationships seem to dominate your life, like me! 😀 and i just felt this realization might help in making you feel fulfilled everyday, and totally, not even closely allowing your happiness to depend on one person… i know how it feels, it racks your brain! so i really hope you get my thought and it helps in steering your life into self discovery, growth and contentment! 🙂

    mona wrote a blog entry that made me realize you guys helped me in loving myself more. thank you and i hope we help in your search for acceptance too! 🙂

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