back to zero

July 18, 2006 at 7:05 am | Posted in Affiliations, Blogging, UP Mountaineers | 2 Comments

i’ve sent friendster to the dustbin of history with my move to multiply and now it’s time to say goodbye to blogspot as well. the full-powered functionality of wordpress is amazing. with my learning curve hitting a plateau on blogspot, it is time for a change. this is still taking some getting used to but i am impressed so far. i lost videos but i guess i’ll have to tinker around some more. my versatility with basic HTML is back to zero and mastering wordpress will probably take some time.

on yet another matter….

i hope i can get enough rest after this so i can be up and running for tomorrow’s (second) diagnostic run. i clocked in with a decent 00:49:47 last night for my 6.6K, but the cut-off was 00:45:00. four fucking minutes, and i wouldn’t have had to run again!oh well. it’s still an improvement over my 00:61:00 on sunday. i wonder how i’ll make it through the 10K without my lungs collapsing! so tomorrow it’s back to zero and i have to haul ass so i can make the cut. gotta quit smoking, gotta quit smoking….

and i still have no idea how to tell bluehearts, especially yvonne. yaiks.



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  1. I just updated my link on etta and added your’s in my roll.
    congrats vince.

  2. I think its hot that you run. Keep being fit. 🙂

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