Mount Manabo, Batangas (May 27-28)

July 8, 2006 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Affiliations, Bluehearts, Travels | 2 Comments

manabo is the mid-range peak among three sister peaks — malipunyo, bagwis and manabo. it is such an easy climb, you won’t even get exhausted. or so i think. it offers a rather breathtaking view of batangas with other peaks in the area also visible, if you’re lucky. and the bluehearts people? a really nice bunch and down to earth. i miss them na! ­čśŤ

Song of the Moment: This Year, Chantal Kreviazuk
To Do (tasks, not people): jog tomorrow
Current State: anticipating my first climb with….hehehehe

at the tricycle station once we got to ligaya batangas. the three peaks in the distance.

start of climb. or should i say trek, because we were going down a hill here.

view from the top

group pic!!

early morning chitchat with romel

where are the owners? nag-brokeback-an na!!!



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  1. the last picture blew my mind off. hehehe–squiggle

  2. i was also blown away… pero indi sa mind. hahahaha!! joke!

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