while munching on chocolates after lunch…

May 7, 2006 at 8:56 pm | Posted in Something about Nothing | 2 Comments

Song of the Moment: The Blower’s Daughter, Damien Rice
To Do (tasks, not people): read up on work
Current State: uppity-up-up

“If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking.”

after all this time, i finally get it.



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  1. uy, vincent look o. si jp colet pala yung bagong EIC ng kule. remember him? di ba writer natin siya once, pero he was fired o resigned? i dont remember anymore. well anyways, i just google searched this. medyo nagsesenti kc ako yesterday sa collegian days natin. apparently he’s incoming EIC next school year. and look o, parang pumapapel din sa ivan henares — o di ba, this is so like him…

    ***start of quote***
    2005-03-27 19:04

    i’m really wondering if jp colet has a peyups account. if he has, i hope he posts some answers soon, as himself and not thru his brods or friends. i could not have been inclined to think that UPsilon will be meddling a lot with the way new EIC would be handling kule had it not been for this ivanhenares who keeps answering all these issues being hurled at jp colet.

    kris ablan (aka sopwith) our incumbent USC chair has been answering questions in our threads as himself for the USC. an upsilonian himself, he did not need upsilonians answering for him.. he may not have been the best USC chair, but at least he shows himself up in peyups especially when relevant issues are being discussed or attacked.

    of course, jp colet is fraternity-backed. what fraternity wouldn’t support it’s members? but let’s give upsilon the benefit of the doubt, and not make kule all about them. we’re giving the fraternity too much credit. as if naman significant ang naitulong nila sa term ni ablan sa USC. hindi rin naman Upsilon ang sasagot kung buong staff ng Kule ay brods nya. but jp colet will have to answer for that.

    the philippine collegian, like the USC, as an esteemed student institution, should also demonstrate transparency and accountability. and it should start with the editor in chief. jp colet, magparamdam ka naman

    i know peyups has not been opening accounts now but i do hope the web administrator would give one to jp colet as service to the students. if not, i do hope mr colet will manage to get himself an account he can be identified with.

  2. at mukhang may controversy na naman sa editorship ng kule. im sure nagalugad mo na ang issue dahil andyan ka sa pinas. pero look o, yung comment nitong isang taga peyups kay ivan henares…so funny….hahhahaahahhahhaha!

    ****start of quote***
    ano ivanhenares, nasaan ka na? weird naman kasi talaga na madalas kang umeeksena, bakit privy ka sa mga matters ng ed exams? tapos magtatanong ka ng “who will stand to benefit from the protest, e bira ka ng bira, bakit associate editor ka? galing mo ha? e di ba ikaw yung news probie na pinatalsik ni Herbert Docena kasi mahilig kang mag-quote ng sarili mo sa sarili mong news article? wowowee, kumusta naman tayo diyan? siguro may natutunan ka sa editors’ training nyo ano kaya magiging EDITOR ka na rin finally.

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