laughable, sometimes, except when i mean it

May 3, 2006 at 4:43 pm | Posted in the L word | Leave a comment

i miss you. and i mean it.

Song of the Moment: Some Say from the musical Once on this Island
To Do (tasks, not people): save up for a puppy; yes, a puppy
Current State: excited over the prospect of getting new pets! a puppy and a pair of siberian hamsters

i miss you. and i mean it.

well, at least i think i do. but then, that’s always been my problem. tentative when the situation demands certainty. obstinate when nothing can be done about anything anymore.

have fun in europe or wherever the hell it is you’re going. just come back safe.

maybe when i see you again i wouldn’t be such a straight-faced, cold-hearted dickhead and be able to smile back at you.

i went to coffee bean the other day. some guy was sitting where i saw you last. he wasn’t my type. he was nothing like you. nobody’s ever like you. except maybe houdini.

so i just played black jack on my handheld. it’s an addicting game. just like supposed former infatuations. well, actually i wasn’t infatuated with you. what’s that they say — love vanquishes time, yadda? yeah. for some an eternity could last as long as a lifetime, and for some, sadly, it can be as brief as a night.

i don’t know about you, but that’s how fast i went through the motions. and i’d gladly go through them all again, because i think you’re worthy.

there. cards on the table. now do i hit, stand or double down?


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