review (aka there is so much more to life than vultures and thieves)

April 28, 2006 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Getting a Life | Leave a comment

Song of the Moment: La Vie Boheme from RENT, the Musical
To Do (tasks, not people): discover more of Maginhawa
Current State: in transition

1. climb a mountain.

the good news is i’ve done this. the bad news is, i might have to find a new way to continue this hobby.

2. quit smoking.

fail! still trying, damn it.

3. go vegan.

in progress! still a voracious carnivore, but one of these days i will, for the first time in my life, eat ampalaya.

4. watch more plays and musicals.

done! i’ve seen some in the past year, for an average of about one every two months. let’s try to up it to once a month.

5. learn a foreign language

fail! i might have to drop ths one in favor of swimming and biking lessons which eileen and iona promised me. *hint, hint*

6. be less judgmental.

fail! just because some people deserve it.

7. go back to the gym.

fail! i think i might have to drop this one too, because people keep saying i’m losing weight, for some unfathomable reason. i think it’s insomnia.

8. get on track to financial independence.

in progress!

9. travel.

in progress! i’ve been out of town four times in three months, and that’s a plus, right?

10. find someone worthy and then go after him until he gives in.

although i’ve said 2006 was not the year for this, i still choose to believe: one day, someday.



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