you should have known better because you were my friend.

April 17, 2006 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Anger and Hatred, Fag Hags, the L word | Leave a comment

and don’t use alcohol as a fucking excuse because ‘i didn’t know what i was doing because i was drunk’ has got to be the lamest excuse ever used, because it isn’t true.

how long were you planning on keeping this from me? you looked me in the eye and you lied, and i resent that. no, resent is an understatement. it is unacceptable. did you lie further and told me he wasn’t there when he actually was until the following morning?

and you dare forward me advice on how to deal with my problem? don’t try to be funny, you are PART of the problem.

somewhere along the way there was deception in all this, and i was the unwitting victim. and i’ve had enough. i can’t help but think you were behind the deception. after all, you DO have a pattern of deceit. you never use your real name in coffee shops, and i still have those prank texts you sent me in a span of several months from last year.

i’m just smarting from all this because the last one made a huge fool out of me, and i swore i wasn’t going to fall for the same trick so soon. and this time, i had a friend who was complicit in the deception, whether willingly or not. the point is, you took note of how i felt before ultimately taking care of yourself. i can’t afford to have a friend like that.


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