because sometimes one needs to pat himself in the back

April 1, 2006 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Gratitude, Musings and Epiphanies, the L word | 4 Comments

Song of the Moment: N o White Flag by Dido
To Do (tasks, not people): move on
Current State: stronger than I think


TO: Myself

FROM: Prof. Better Judgment and Ms. Sensibility

RE: last night

DATE: April 1, 2006; 4 a.m.

Dear Mr. Cruz,

This is to inform you that your judgments remain seldom off the mark, and that you do know better and you HAVE grown, no matter what other people might think.

We are impressed with your tact and your ability to stay calm despite an otherwise embarassing episode in which had it been you two years ago that was there, a scene might have ensued.

We also commend the exemplary courage you displayed in letting go. You are well-advised not to dwell and try to make sense of something that obviously doesn’t make sense. It is better to continue treading the path you are on now. We are particularly elated that you are giving serious thought to taking up a new hobby aside from trekking and we hope that you do get to pursue those interests that have your adrenaline rushing everytime you talk about them.

We have reviewed and assessed the goals you have set for yourself last year. The goals you said you would like to achieve before you turn 29, and sad to say it seems that only a couple of goals have reached consummation — your stated goal of cultural exposure and mountain climbing. Quitting smoking, learnign a foreign language and taking on vegetarianism seem to have dropped from your consciousness and we would liek to remind you that it is necessary to develop these goals in order to achieve the healthy and well-rounded lifestyle you so earnestly desire.

We would also like to remind you that just because you get it wrong a lot doesn’t mean you will get it wrong for ever. It does help, Mr. Cruz, to be aware of your patterns and your deeply-embedded emotional responses, but you cannot be anyone else except who you are. You deserve respect, but you have to give it to yourself before anybody else does. Always remember that.

Finally, please stop listening to love songs. The singer didnt have you in mind when they wrote/sang it. It’s time to create your own melody. In more ways than one.

Thank you for your time and we hope that we have been of help once again.

file – V:/Lifelessons/docus/memo#c3



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  1. vegetarianism???!?!?!?!?!

  2. mukhang di nga ok yung vegetarianism…

    i know some vegetarians and their skin looks ordinary (no beauty benefits)

    and if you want to look firm, strong and masculine, you’ll need to eat some meat…

    tingnan mo na lang sa mga hayop…compare the lion which is carnivorous and the chicken which is herbivorous

    di ba mukhang kawawa yung body structure ng manok?

    panay myths lang yata ang benefits ng pagiging vegetarian e

  3. It’s always good to have some goals to work towards as it keeps you focused. But don’t bet yourself up if you don’t accomplish all. Instead, treat yourself to champers for fulfilling even one, because alot of people give up even before they try.

    I still have yet to learn a foreign language, nor picked up that motorcycle driving license, nor my TESOL or CELTA. They’re still on my list, but at least I continue to visit a new place each year, read more books, and make new friends from different countries.

    And I turn 29 in less than four months! You and me, same boat. 🙂

  4. i have respect for people who can stick with a diet that is firmly rooted in earth-friendly principles. that’s all. i’m interested in trying it, although i can’t get a headstart, because as you guys know i am not in control of my diet, especially at home.

    hey patricia,

    i do consider myself lucky for having been able to actually go and climb a couple of peaks now. i was not exaggerating when i said it was life changing. it really opened up my eyes to so many possibilities, mainly those challenges that make me aware of my own limits as a human being. believe me, climbing mountains, i often think — how am i getting down, i feel so tired already? and yet i’ve come back safe and sound. and there are dozens more of them out there i want to go to. an don the side, i want to see more of the sea.

    yes, you are right. goals are good to keep you focused. they not only keep me busy, they help make me feel more and more alive.

    same boat, indeed. hope your ride isn’t as bumpy as mine though. hehehe.–>

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