back from aurora! :D

March 25, 2006 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Raves, S511, Travels | 2 Comments

Song of the Moment: Say It, Voices of Theory
To Do (tasks, not people): rest!
Current State: exhausted and stinky

am back in town (not that it seemed like i left anyway). but i just have to say this — after 8 hours on the road, including 3 hours in what is called ‘bituka ng manok’, i must say that Aurora is probably one of the most beautiful places in the country. the stiff neck, the stinky clothes and the sand-covered malong, blankets, sandals and all that usok and alikabok from the sierra madres — they’re all worth it.

i loved this trip so much that at one poiint my handheld memory was down to 411KB and it was a wonder it didn’t crash! and i filled up my SD Card with pics and videos (!!!) that now i have to do a major upload on monday.

but first it’s time to get back home and take a shower. i have never been this exhausted, not even on my climbs.

but one image that will forever stick with me: the sand on my toes and the waves of baler bay at midnight. awesome.



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  1. same thoughts when i went up there and the difference is, that’s the only place that i was able to get a red yoda–the jedi master shirt na maganda. hehehe. ukay everywhere in baler.

  2. pare, don’t forget to be early tomorrow. seaca board meets at 830am. be there at least 15 minutes earlier para di ako atakihin ng anxiety attack. where’s my pasalubong? buti hindi ka inulam ng neps sa aurora. hehehe. sabagay sabi ni fwend (?) ko na kolumnista since the hello garci crisis nag-‘unify’ na daw lahat ng kaliwete. hakhakhak.

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