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March 13, 2006 at 5:16 pm | Posted in Fag Hags, Musings and Epiphanies, Something about Nothing | 2 Comments

tony asks me this morning why i haven’t blogged in weeks. well, let’s see. aside form being all over my steven for the past month, it seems i’m stuck with two unpalatable topics neither of which i relish expounding on.

one, i could write about a fight i had with somebody, but i’m big enough to move on and beyond people who don’t matter much.

or two, i could write about revel bars and why i find them special but i don’t want to end up leaving work to zoom off some place to hang around and end up even more confused than i already am.

so with these choices at hand i think i’d rather tinker around some more with zlauncher and all those wonderful freeware they have at palmgear.

oh and yeah, get some work done na lang. hehe.

here’s a pic of the girls on our way home from EK yesterday.



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  1. EK again?!!!

  2. yup yup yup! and maybe again later this summer. mwahahaha!!–>

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