Mt. Pulag, Benguet (Feb 2-5)

February 7, 2006 at 5:46 pm | Posted in Bluehearts, Raves, Travels | 5 Comments

Song of the Moment: Please Send Me Someone, George Michael
To Do (tasks, not people): speeches galore!
Current State: dyslexic

a walk in the clouds, indeed

me trying to cover up a GMA signage

en route from ranger station to campsite

at the hilltop immediately before the 45 degree summit assault.

sunrise at the summit

photo-ops with melody

natural high

melody and elaine at the summit

view of the “killler trail” via akiki. we took the “executive trail” via ambangeg.


the whole set of pictures from elaine’s digicam can be seen here. i hope to get more pics from the other bluehearts members later when we get to the post-climb meeting.

the narrative will have to wait for a while. am just too lost for words for this experience.



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  1. ang ganda! ako rin, ako rin!

  2. next stop is pico de loro. i forget where it is but it’s supposed to be part-trekking, part-rock climbing. awrayt! darn schedule hopefully doesn’t screw up plans. noo-nee-noo.

  3. nice pics 🙂 mishu vince!

  4. vince, galing! ang saya saya =)

  5. chachi mishu too!

    sym, talaga, take my word for it. ever been there?–>

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