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January 17, 2006 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Emotions, Getting a Life, Musings and Epiphanies, Rants, Something about Nothing, The Side of Me You Didn't Know | 9 Comments

<quote>i’ll concede there is more than a generous amount of bitterness when i say this, but sometimes i wish the word hot hadn’t been invented at all.</quote>

Song of the Moment: Let’s Hear it for the Boy from QAF soundtrack
To Do (tasks, not people): rest?
Current State: stumped

“and those of us with ravaged faces, lacking in the social graces desperately remained at home, inventing lovers on the phone who called and said ‘caome dance with me'”

when one is hot, it shows. heads turn as naturally as the earth surrenders to the pull of its orbit. people like that usually know it. and sometimes i hate them precisely for the self-awareness that they exhibit and how deftly they can use that to get anyone they want. the rest of us flawed souls are relegated to bitching and blogging about people who are too busy to bother with the reasons why it’s so easy for them because they’re somewhere else getting laid.

i’ll concede there is more than a generous amount of bitterness when i say this, but sometimes i wish the word hot hadn’t been invented at all. sometimes i wish we weren’t, as a society, too keen on judging people on the basis of their looks. but that’s a reality we will always have to deal with. ‘we’ being anyone who have never been on the cover of a magazine.

then again i get to think. maybe the point should be the mantra i encountered some time ago. people are beautiful because we love them. it’s not the other way around. i guess just like happiness, i can spend all my life wondering where beauty is. but the solution actually lies in starting from the goal and then making it happen. instead of saying one wants to be happy, why not say i am happy, and then proceed to find reasons to back it up. similarly, why not say i am beautiful, and then believe in it. the force of that faith should be enough in itself.

tear up those magazines. throw away those movies with the hunks. real life is more diverse than photoshoots and scripts. one finds beauty when one begins to believe that one can actually be in demand, by demanding more of himself than he thinks he is able to.

as ted tells michael in an episode of QAF i watched with iona and eileen earlier at c3: “you’re worth more than you know.”

everyone should believe in that.



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  1. “People are beautiful because we love them, not the other way around.”

    This, after just having been told by the man I love that I’m not pretty enough or sexy enough for me.


    I’m starting to wonder how long I can put up with his shit.

  2. Sorry, that’s “not pretty enough or sexy enough for him.”


  3. if you are who i think you are…

    is this why i haven’t heard from you lately? you know i’ve been saying it a million times: i don’t like that guy. haven’t met him, don’t know jack squat about him, but from what little you have told me, you know that my position is one big fat NO.

    so what the f is that guy still doing hanging around your life?

  4. yes, this is who you think it is. no, he’s not the reason you haven’t heard from me lately, or at least he’s not the only reason. i’ve been busy with voice training. (coloratura, would you believe?) those are the only times i leave the house, actually. i’ve also been looking for rackets. ewan. magulo e. we should catch up one of these days, really.

    and guess what? you’re not the only one who doesn’t like him, sight unseen. on the other hand, some of my other friends are okay with him, which leaves me with a very awkward conundrum. toss coin ko na lang kaya para madali? 😛

    oh, and by the way, it was his bday yesterday. he says it was his best bday ever because of the surprise picnic (despite the rain) that i organized for the two of us. hay, pag-ibig nga naman! basta, magulo pa. bahala na si batman at lahat ng mga superheroes, mapa-pinoy or foreigner!

  5. hmm. teka. eh madami yang “man i love” mo e. sino dun? har har har

  6. gaga, yung nasa cell ko yung pic! 😛

  7. eh lahat naman sila may pic sa cell mo eh. *rotfl*

  8. loka, dalawa lang silang nasa phone ko, ano! hindi siya yung kano!

  9. awww. i remember the kano. *drool*

    so un ngang guy na yun ang tinutukoy mo. hmm. sige kape tayo next week.

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