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<quote>peyups provided me with an opportunity to met new faces, make new friends. and i am thankful. five years as tourniquet had finally served its purpose, i guess.</quote>

Song of the Moment: All I Want is You, U2
To Do (tasks, not people): speech for the boss!!
Current State: exhausted

“you look like a perfect fit, for a girl boy in need of a tourniquet…but can you save me?”
-aimee mann

i do not know exactly how i stumbled upon the site, but i do remember it was a lazy late october afternoon in 2000 when i first came across for lack of anything better to do i registered with the rather formal nick — my initials and my last name.

it was betteroffalone’s dillema that got people talking in those boards back then. she was “talking” about dave, her crush who works at jollibee philcoa. i do remember people like jane, guyspointofview, eclair and a whole host of others putting in their two cents on the matter.

the webmasters, on the other hand, were in the works for upgrading the site, changing and adding features etc. but the boards remained the centerpiece; the main attraction taht kept attracting people.

later on i would meet a lot of these people, and quite a number would remain friends to this day. i would go on to become a mdoerator, and then later on, host of virtual survivor.

i think it was in 2002 that the site felt like it was at its most powerful. not only did the memebrs grow in numbers exponentially, the site was actually coming up with rock concerts, out of town eyeballs and holiday parties.

there was a time when i would have peyups on my browser all day long, and even in good friday of 2002, i think, i was the lone member online. for a time i was even the highest poster (a record people like calvinluther would demolish later on).

but after all these years, i must admit my visits have become more and more infrequent. lesser than i’d like them to be. which got me to think — what was it that hooked me in the first place?

well, i kept thinking back to 2000-02, and i realized it was a time of separations. i had just gone out of the collegian, the only set of friends i had kept intact after college. i didn’t have enough people in my life.

the novelty of the medium was perhaps in itself an added factor. but later on i would find out that posts online can only do so much. friends were still best manufactured IRL, investments require physical presence just like in anything else. as a result i am closest to the peyups people i see the most. the good news is taht tehre are still peyups people i do nto see often such as ska or jazzyfish, who remain friends with me.

peyups provided me with an opportunity to met new faces, make new friends. and i am thankful. five years as tourniquet had finally served its purpose, i guess.

i came up with the nick tourniquet back in january 2001 when i used the word from aimee mann’s song from magnolia. it was a metaphor for some unseen wound, an invicible disability. it was a cry for an emotional crutch for whatever dillema. and it stuck with me in all my peyups years.

but now, i think tourniquet doesn’t fit me anymore. although i wish i could go back more often to peyups, just to hang out and see what’s going on. my peyups “generation” has long gone and passed, but it’s good to know the site is still thriving.

i’m sure it will do as much good for countless other peyups denizens as it did for me and some other people i know.


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