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rarely do i rave over a tagalog movie, but if you’re going to watch one pinoy chick flick this year, let it be this one with judy ann and piolo. i am no big fan of juday, and my interest in piolo rests entirely in the domain of prurient thoughts. but this movie is so fucking good i’d actually go out of my way to tell people to drop their fucking bigotry and plunk down a violet bill to go and see it.

maybe it was because i didn’t expect much except to see piolo’s vaunted cleavage that this movie is so hyped in my mind right now. for sure it begins as typically as any other run of the mill movie (layout characters having breakfast, introduce entire family, nifty-nifty nice spick and span upper class burgis lifestyle mama i’m going to work na, bye bye no more food we’re so representative of the filipino masses or at least of what all these jokers can only aspire for yadda). and for sure, piolo’s character would prove later on to be as flat as his cardboard stands at Max’s.

but it’s the writing, dude. it’s so fucking witty. it helps that the acting is so natural between the two protagonists. the exchanges are what you would expect from any real-life partners, and the witticisms just zing from left and from right, i was in stitches a lot of times.

and for a movie in which jewel kilcher is quoted (by judy ann’s boss), using the exact same words i’d always dreamed would be used on me? fantastic! and watch juday when she asks piolo if she’s stepping on cement or mud. her dialogue is hilarious. and without giving away any spoiler let’s just say that at one point i thought, ‘hey did the writer of this movie pass by my blog when it was stilled called confessions?’ far-fetched, i know, but i guess i just saw so much of who i want to be in vince, and realized i can only go as far as the hair and the name (do i hear a second if i claim the looks as well? haha). but i ended up seeing so much of myself in abby: the guarded moments, the rigidity, the consciousness over stature and other people’s opinions. that kind of garbage.

and if i were straight, this would be my het love story. i was enjoying the road trip, a plot obviously un-original; and was expecting that the denouement would be ho-hum. yet even the confessions and the apologies and recriminations were done in good taste.

the movie is, as usual, stuffed with so many characters but thankfully their irrelevant subplots were trimmed down. i realy couldn’t figure out why they had to have marjorie baretto, john wayne sace or even jc cuadrado in it. or underuse hilda koronel and rio locsin, as well as tommy abuel’s story. and i’ll forgive the presence of sam (marco alcaraz) in it because he’s yummy, and he plays at least a bit of plot importance in it.

but the movie is all abby’s. it’s her story. judy ann turns in one hell of a performance. and i do not say that too often over big local stars.

compare that to the preview i saw of richard and angel. i think she may be talented. but i don’t get how she sells. i think it’s only because of her boobies. so i think i’ll pass.



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  1. okay. you’ve convinced me. will run to the nearest cinema (robinson’s pioneer..?) to catch it.

    pero Narnia na muna.

    and i’ll let the madding crowd subside din muna.

    hope you don’t mind. i’m a stranger and all. and here i am commenting like crazy.

    have a great one today.

  2. no prob! if i didn’t want people to see what i write i wouldn’t blog.

    and i assure you i haven’t received negative feedbakcabout the movie yet.

  3. but i’m so scared of that freakin wig of piolo! baka ako bangungutin. hehehe

    sige na nga. opo. papanoorin na. lord, wag niyo po akong pababayaan.


  4. di yun wig. he really grew his hair long for the movie. obviously you haven’t been watching tv. nyahahaha.

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