bring it on!

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Song of the Moment: Constantly, MYMP (har har har)
To Do (tasks, not people): go back to work, hahaha
Current State: appreciated (by iona who wrote a very touching testi for me)

if i remember correctly, last 2003 i told myself that 2004 was the year i was going to have fun. well, i think 04 turned out to be the year i saw the best and the worst of me. i might have to go back to my archives to confirm. then 05 turned out to be the year i started taking responsibility for my actions. well, okay okay. my language is far from being mature (see LOVER ME description in post below), and neither have been some of my actions.

but i swear, 06 is the year i am GOING TO HAVE FUN.

for the first time in ages, i am not too keen on anything developing in the romance department. it’s not that i have given up or anything. it’s just that i’m at a point in which i have a thousand things i want to do and what a bore it would be if i had to keep checking out someone else’s schedule for what i want to do with my time, right?

i want to learn how to swim (tangina, that is so pathetic for someone who’s 28). i want to learn how to ride a bike. (loser, capital L, please).

i want to climb my first mountain. i want to climb another one and another one.

i want to join another marathon and improve on my not-so shameful 48 minutes in 04.

i want to take on tennis. and at the same time improve on my badminton.

less coffee.

instead of french kisses why not spend time learning french?

those things. no boys for now. and it’s not because i got burned or have decided with finality i’m a closet het. if i were i’d run away with cess or iona and raise kids. i love kids. i want kids.

if anything i am thankful for the hurt, the confusion and the general disappointment with every new face that crossed my path. it made me realize that i do have what it takes to take on a relationship. it’s just the getting there that troubles me sometimes, and it shouldn’t. some people jump from one bed to another at a turnover rate you’d think they were keeping up with the revolution of mercury around the sun. some people linger, and that’s an awful thing because the rest of the world isn’t going to wait while you get over a molehill of a man who left you.

and then there are those, like me, who are moving around. not necessarily like dawn-of-the-dead walking around, but more like a michael-kimmy-julia kind of walking around. sometimes rushing, sometimes pausing but still, we end up thinking:who’s running after us?

but you know what, that’s okay. some people call it singlehood. i call it my ME time.

like ricky reyes lo the scriptwriter said, it doesn’t matter how you get to quiapo. the important thing is you get to quiapo.

and speaking of quiapo, i think carlos celdran has those tours up and running this month. instead of walking over there where it’s so easy to wallow in self-pity and misery, why not walk that way and actually enjoy life?

so on this, my 300th post, i say ‘bring it on’. time has a way of fucking up with schedules and with people around us. but life should always be lived according to what we want, and what we need at any given time. and at this time, i want to be a richer person. rich in things i’ve done and all by myself. and boys won’t turn me into that.


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