me, me, me, all about me!! (as always)

December 30, 2005 at 1:04 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

me happy, new profile friendster:

VAIN me: i believe deep in my heart that everyone must have moisturizer, and i thank god for exfoliating gloves, but i really have to learn how to incorporate chapstick into my routine.

RAH-RAH me: i do recognize that people do have their part in making our communities better but if everything boiled down to the individual what do we have governments for? accountability and transparency — those aren’t a heck of a lot to ask for.

SPIRITUAL me: there is a god, but it isn’t defined by the rules of whatever transient church you can come up with. my spiritual life is my business and mine alone, no one should regulate it, no one should mind it.

GOOD SON me: at the age of 20 i started paying my own rent, the utilities, the phone bills, the groceries, the clothes and yes the meds that regulate my mom’s blood pressure. truth is, sometimes they regulate mine as well.

MEMBER OF SOCIETY me: i believe in the inherent goodness of people. eventhough sometimes some of them will let you down. i give a fuck about humanity. it’s the people i meet who make me think dogs should inherit the earth.

FRIENDSTER me: i move around a lot and if you’re lucky and if i’m lucky we’ll ht it off. don’t hold your breath for me to tell you everything about me though, since even telling my best friend i’m gay took two years. but don’t worry about telling me yours. i’m a deep well of other people’s innermost torments.

LOVER me: if you’re mediocre, don’t even bother. if you don’t like me then fuck you loser you don’t know what you just let slip away. but if you like me don’t think i’m boring. i am, at first. but hey, if it works out and you can put up with me and i can put up with you, who knows? maybe we’ll have what others just talk about.

SEX-STARVED me: i’m a fucktard who just wants to get off, like everyone else. if people moved around with paper bags on their heads would that make sex so much easier? i doubt.


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  1. sad. very sad. =(

    though sometimes we try so hard to make money immaterial, in the end it does matter.

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