what’s in the box?!? what’s in the booooooox?!!!!?

December 27, 2005 at 8:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Song of the Moment: Material Girl by Madonna, har har
To Do (tasks, not people): reading backlog
Current State: excited

maybe it’s depravation or something. but i was most excited this year over certain gifts. i am so proud of nina’s gift — a teak wood carving statuette, of vyke’s gift, a bottle of becks’ instinct (hihihi) and earlier tonight i found out cess and beau were giving me an mp3 player. (before i walked out on her for being late for a ghastly 2 hours, mwahahaha).

tangina, am i so superficial? am i just particularly happy because i have friends who can actually give me gifts that cost thousands of pesos? or is it just a really really nice compliment for the friendship i have offered in return? uhm, well, i guess i’m just doubting the latter because my theme for this year was “all gifts under 100 pesos!”.

but i think close friends know why that is so. after all i was shopping for christmas gfts for two people anyway. and in any case it’s just a once-a-year bonanza. without the gifts i still love my circles. while a lot of them may be mutually exclusive, i love all of them with equal fervor and loyalty. i guess the asshole in me just emphasizes the expensive gifts because deep down inside i didn’t really think people should bother.

but i love all my friends. i swear. hihihi. i shall be thinking of each and everyone of them as i traipse around the mall listening to my player while wearing beckham. nyahahahaha.

i just hope that in return everyone loves the scented candles. *evil laugh*


gad, i can’t believe my christmas piece is so utterly nonsensical. isn’t the holiday season supposed to usher in a whole slew of life-realizations? epiphanies about our country and our fellowmen? how had my life been different in the past year, and why?

ah screw it. instinct smells nice, and i am drawing up my playlist already. bwahahahaha!!!!


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