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December 13, 2005 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

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eileen and i were off to starbucks last friday and could only find parking space at national bookstore. the guard eyed us suspiciously, so we were forced to go in, just to be polite. i ended up making a purchase. going out of the katipunan branch, i said “this is one hell of an expensive parking ticket,” this being a copy of dan brown’s book. a book so famous by now i do not even need to mention the title.

the past week i got down to reading it. it is such an easy read. not much complication in language and in plot, and it sounds like propaganda in some parts. but the very premise of the book is what has me hooked.

the very idea that jesus could be defined and described in such a manner is what made me feel so good turning every page. for someone who wants to define his spirituality in terms outside of the conventions of established religion, the book felt like an implied encouragement to go ahead and define my faith on my own terms.

yesterday, i finally closed the pages as i lay in bed wishing away a nagging stiff neck. today i googled the templars and the dead sea scrolls and it amazes me just how much information is already out there. i’m not taking it all in as truth, of course, there is still a healthy skepticism that keeps me at bay from totally believing in the sacred feminine, or the hirus gamos, etc.

what has me raving is the fact that we seem to have evolved as a society up to the level that we can feel comfortable speaking out and questioning the kind of knowledge that we inherit from faith and the influence it wields impliedly or not, over our surroundings.

the da vinci code may not be one hell of a literary work, but the questions it poses for anyone who has read it may very well be the kick in the rear that modern troubadors need to further expose and challenge the conventions of the church and its dogged insistence on selective compassion and hypocritical respect for “divergent lifestyles”.

this stance is particularly offending, since it basically tells us that the Vatican would have society “tolerate” LGBTs when in fact that in itself does not erase the discriminatory view of the sector. if god’s love is truly all-encompassing as the church would have us believe, why are there double-standards? why are there restrictions? it’s so alienating, to say the least.

thankfully there are works such as the da vinci code, and nikos kazantzakis’s the last temptation of christ to offer a radically different view of jesus and his true role in history and religion.

so in the words of a friend, i can safely say that i couldn’t really care less what the church does with its life. it can ban homosexuals from its doors. it can stand opposing gay rights even as it proclaims an adherence to the universality of human rights.

all i know is that the god i know doesn’t judge me on the basis of who i am, but on how i practice my humanity and how i treat my fellow beings. it’s in one’s ability to exercise his pagkatao, in his constant awareness of pagpapakatao and his developmet of being makatao that the quality of our spiritual life will and should be ultimately judged.



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  1. hey you! now that you’re done with the book, maybe you can start reading the dead sea scrolls i lent you. hehehe!

    just gut the pistis sophia. shet, had to say adios to 800 bucks but what the heck! the book’s gonna help me find my own god anyways. hehehe!

    so, as we both agreed in one of our tambay moments: god is self-defined. let the vatican clean up its own mess.


  2. ayeh! and yes, i am reading the dead sea scrolls deception now. am re-reading it, back to page 1 ako. info overload lang kasi basahin. hehehehe.

    ps papunta na ko, nyahahaha

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