contrary to what you may have heard…

December 3, 2005 at 4:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Song of the Moment: Tracks of My Tears, Gavin deGraw
To Do (tasks, not people): rest again
Current State: whoozy

…this blog isn’t dead (as if you actually give a damn?!?). although its owner did feel like he was dying at one point because for the first time this year he went under the weather. nicotine-drenched lungs weren’t prepped for the onslaught of the freaking winds from the north pole. a-choo!

the blog owner is clueless what the ringing in his ears is all about. it could be the analgesic overload. or it could be that solmux is addictive. but his work schedule has been blown way off course, and if he doesn’t move it, his ass is grass.

but the thing is, he feels like a relapse is in the offing. the bastard went out last night to buy a new mattress. the mall had one of those B1T1 promos and the deal was too sweet to pass up. throw in a couple of pillows while you’re at it, they said. the jerk bit and was sweating his face off when he got home.

and today who the hell knows where he is going to end up after doing his report? he’s even thinking of dropping by a tiangge at UP to grab this rainmaker he’s been lusting after, for his wall. damned fool is so obssessed with decorating his room, he’ll probably collapse soon if he doesn’t quit moving and go back to bed.

anyway, he just wants to say sorry to everyone he bugged last wednesday asking them the symptoms of meninggococcemia. hehe. the fool gets that way a lot. but you guys know that, right?



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  1. I give a damn, damnit! I’m feeling sick myself, so it seems I have joined the elite club of cool people who make their lives a living hell on purpose – just to add a little spice to an otherwise perfect existence. whatever. bring on the sniffles, the bad hair day and the heartache. we can take it. as long as we got [insert addiction of choice here]. good to know you’re still ranting. i mean, blogging.

  2. and good to know you found your way ot my new addy. hehe. how are things with you?!? i haven’t been on YM for the longest time. partly because i was sick, and so i forgot to even greet cha on her birthday!! but what about you? is there snow there?–>

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