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Song of the Moment: Track of My Tears, Gavin Degraw
To Do (tasks, not people): stop digging my heels in
Current State: sick

this space has been quite dead for the past week or so because there really isn’t much to talk about.

not that there hasn’t been anything going on. there’s the usual meetings-up with friends. cess is fab and looking for a job. nina and i have settled our weeks-old “cold war”. iona and i did some stuff for the first time in the past few days. (national bookstore warehouse sale! paid lounge at the shang! watch a movie together! have me over at her house for dinner! watch a SEA game! all in one day — which probably explains why i am feeling a bit under the weather right now.)

but aside from that i can’t really say my life has taken a pivotal turn in this, my first quarter of being 28. there was that episode in october which is all but forgotten by the actors. there was that (well-appreciated) raise this month. the pinto mice gave birth to three more babies last week. oh and yeah, this tiny little exam last sunday which could send me off in an entirely new direction in the next year (or be a source of constant humiliation).

but otherwise, what else is there to talk about?

i guess i’m static. tony might have infected me with the virus he had about a month ago. that’s exactly how i feel right now. i still love the people i love. and i still hate the people i hate. and in between are confessions over coffee.

caffeine overload, pocket burn and i get this dandy planner in return. nice. send me off to 06 please. i can’t wait for 05 to turn over the page. maybe january will be exciting.


je souhaite vous pourriez avoir juste dit il que dehors fort vous pourriez avoir dit, aucun ceci est une affaire d’un projectile mais le numéro vous vous êtes trouvé vous dit vous a voulu m’avoir plus de pour le week-end nous a laissés aller au zoo vous vous êtes trouvé maintenant je suis fâché mais plus que celui je sois tristes que nous pourrions avoir juste marché autour de vous sachions. une La “avant lever de soleil”. mais numéro vous avez dû balancez demain avant mes yeux, quand “ce soir” était tout que j’ai eu pour voir ? le soleil n’a pas monté encore et c’est tout votre défaut.


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