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Song of the Moment: (Don’t) Give Hate a Chance, Jamiroquai
To Do (tasks, not people): pay up for LAE
Current State: content

it was a very sad turn of events, and there was no complaining. tune’s mom had a heart attack. i guess with no tent and no other amenities, there was no way i would have been able to go alone for the pinatubo trip. better luck next time, i guess. so much for moving heaven and earth. remind myself never to challenge the elements again.

in any case the alternative was just as splendid. my body may not have moved spaces, but on a saturday night out with iona, my mind felt like it was expanding its horizons.

we went to the marikina shoe expo to just hang out and grab dinner at bellini’s. the place is quiet and obscure. intimate. it’s a compound of mini-shops with hidden treasures. we went to jeremy’s furniture shop and lounged in P30,000 chairs. i found this so-called “tongue chair” and i didn’t want to leave it. it’s curved in the shape of its namesake and made out of suede, whch you can have customized to whatever color you want. it’s affordable, and i was thinking of getting it instead of this area rug i saw last friday at sm.

we then went on to vintage pop where a plethora of goodies from eras gone by were in storage and for sale. i fell in love with this multi-media painting but my jaw dropped at the price. the shop has a grammophone, a jukebox and a pinball machine — all working, and for sale for amounts i didn’t even dare ask. they also have a life-sized billboard of cinema paradiso, dangling ethnic earrings with marilyn monroe portraits in them, vintage clocks from another era, among other things.

another vintage shop across jeremy’s furniture shop contained framed pictures of elvis presley which go for P350 each, and i intend to get a couple for my room. i was also thinking of getting this huge frame with stamp-size portraits of stars from the 50s and 60s including tita duran, pancho magallona, eddie garcia, bella flores, etc. they’re so cute.

afterwards iona and i had dinner at bellini’s. affordable food, and i’m pretty proud of my choice of pizza — at tutti mare — seafood pizza with squid, sardines and whatelse on it. we asked for bread (wait a minute, iona did) and they gave us a loaf and some balsamic vinegar to go with it and after dinner they served us sweet wine. and we were laughing our asses off wondering all the while if they were complimentary. they were not. dang. we had fun pretending to be primand proper over the fine dining experience, then we went all jologs when we found the table we were in was a designated smoking area.

then off we went to future prospects where ‘quarter’, a video installation was being featured. we sat on the floor of the second level and tuned out to this mix-mash of video images of a woman in tattered brown dress, of open spaces and highways and skies with falling stars and exploding little dots. ack, i can’t go artsy and even try to explain it. it just felt like the video was about borders and bondaries and open spaces, as i told iona. and we left it at that to meet up with ramby and amihan afterwards.

we hung out for a while listening to electronica/new wave/punk music at pablo’s where this one-man exhibit was opening. i liked this tiny little portrait of an alien that was on display. i wanted to steal it, but i was distracted by this cute guy in white.

but what the hell. i wasn’t there for the men. i was there for the obvious intellectualism of the place. the place is just seething with art, with creativity and an in-your-face challenge to the humdrum of the nearby gateway with its faux socialite crowd and obnoxious coffee hoes.

i’ll be back.


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