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whatever you do in the dark will eventually come into light.

this is precisely what i meant when i said one ought to be careful when he or she is posting his or her shit online. people are bound to find their way to your site one way or the other.

you see, there’s this small cabal of bratty girls who actually took the extra step just to bitch and whine about someone else’s life. what was supposed to be private conversations over yahoo messenger were edited and pasted onto a blog whose existence no one knew except for those taking part in those conversations. until recently when the objects of their exchanges found out about their little secret blog.

for the most part, these conversations were about a friend and his girlfriend. and for some inexplicable reason these girls had nothing but the worst things to say about my friend and his s.o. but a further reading reveals that one of them is actually an ex-prospect of my friend. or at least that’s how i appreciate the pieces of information that were relayed in those YM conversations.

but despite their valiant efforts to clean up their thrash talk, the dim-bulbed young ones weren’t tidy enough. in their liaisons, references were made to several objects that further gave away their identities, or at least two of them.

if one wants to make a case on stalking these people are prime candidates. not only are they guilty of stalking, they are also guilty of defamation. not only did they talk about my friend, they assaulted and insulted his character. malice is inferred when one gets to think that one or all of them have an axe to grind with this friend.

not only did they traipse around the guy’s blog unnoticed and undetected, not leaving even an anonymous comment. they actually went as far as going through it line by line and tearing his grammar, job, girlfriend, his life into shreds.

when i blog-hop, i close the window if i don’t like the writing. or i don’t like the person. or if the person thinks i’m stalking him because i refuse to identify myself. i mean, blogs like that are best left alone to rot. but to actually put up a shadowblog to actually talk about someone else’s blog and try to bring them down? did these girls really think they could get away with it?

it’s a privacy thing i guess. we all put something on the line when we blog. like i’ve said before, if we don’t like people talking about us or leaving anonymous comments on our blogs then we shouldn’t be blogging or linking like famewhores all over the place.

but with blogging one must also be circumspect with his or in this case, HER statements. when i say it’s your right to post your shit online, i guess i hadn’t thought about people actually putting up shit like what i saw in that shadowblog. i just hope they’re ready for payback.



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  1. i post ba sa blog…. grrr… payback!

  2. hehe. payback soon, perhaps. basta, di ba what goes around comes around. šŸ˜€

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