it is done!

October 1, 2005 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

finally! i reckon i must have spent about 8 hours tinkering with literally thousands of strings of codes and voila! the design is still hardly out of the box, since i am still constrained by the milits of free webhosting, but it’s damned better looking than your ordinary run of the mill templates out there. 🙂 and best of all, it’s all me — self-taught.

so what are the new features? well, the header first. the template was ripped out and instead i just have the code for the blog title left in. i added the graphics which i initially wanted to marquee, but decided against it after the preview. ugh. fugly. the pics will definitely change in the future, but for now they link to some of the most “revealing confessions” made in this blog. in the past this was the sidebar item for my most cherished articles.

for the body — it’s pretty obvious. courtesy of blogger hacks, the posts are hidden and can be rolled down when you click that +/- sign below. the time stamp has been revamped, and so was the comment link. this was the most difficult part because i couldn’t locate the right place for the hacks. i must have gone thru a hundred trials and dozens of errors for this.

as a result, the page loads easier, and one can easily choose which confession to browse through. looking at the comments becomes easier too because it’s right there na. no more taking you to a new page or to a pop-up window.

and as for the sidebar, almost all the graphics are gone save the flickr badge. so sue me. i like looking at my pictures. hehehe. the pofile box has been removed, allowing me to create my own profile.

the links to my friends are intact, but everything else is gone including the links to my advocacies. i haven’t figured a way to replicate the scroll menu for the archive, which i want to apply to all my sidebar lists. and the archive is still ascending. the code to make it descending is still driving me nuts.

and just to go for that reader-friendly look, i’ve added a google search bar which can be used to search the site. if you want to find out if i ever talked about you in the 3 years that this blog has been up, you know what to do.

finally, the footer. actually i lost the code, that’s why there is no space after the last post. hehehehe!

so there you go. blog overhauled. in form, yes. but in content? well, here’s hoping that with the old template, the stories that have to go are gone as well. i’ll know when i sit down to actually write a new entry. cheers!



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  1. mader vince, for your next enrtry, why dont you write about HIM? tapos na b episode mo with this guy? chinky…kung tapos n, di na mag-aapply sa kanya yung superstition…

  2. the one thing i am thinking of doing in the future is to install a second sidebar to the left of the screen. i’ve tried every time i changed the template but i can’t get the hang of it. i think the templates are wired pretty much to not allow you to do that.

    am also studying how to do away with the blogger interface when you post a comment. i want to incorporate the facade with the “interiors” so to speak.

    and the post pages, ugh, the sidebar items are messed up in those grrrr.

    anyway i still do not consider myself much of a techie but i am not intimidated by html codes anymore, at least. another value-added tool in the labor market? sana.

    and as for HIM whom i refuse to talk about, di pa ba sapat yung mga innuendoes in previous posts? i think if there’s even a glimmer of hope in THAT situation, well, siguro we’ll find a way. maliit ang mundo. andyan lang kami pareho sa tabi-tabi.

    but i’m not wasting my time on someone who probably isn’t even thinking about me. in fact after i’m done writing this statement i’m doing in the other window beside this, i’m off to UP to go jogging. 😀

    life is to precious to spend whining.

    that’s a spin on the edward furlong quote from american history x.


  3. life is too precious to spend whining? saludo ako sa bagong attitude na yan on life and love!

  4. ayos na pala ang peek-a-boo comments, naks!

  5. tony, sana lang mapangatawanan ko. 😛

    jase, yah. it’s soooo cute if i do say so myself. hehehe.

  6. like the new look, sweetie. at first i thought, oh no, entries will have to be opened in another window and it will take forever to appear again. but no! like it, like it, like it! 🙂

    someday, i too, will blog (yeah, right!)–>

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