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September 29, 2005 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

some people take comfort in saying ‘he wasn’t the right one for me’ when faced with an affair that alas, will never be. but what exactly do we mean when we say someone is the right one? and why do we always hinge the “right-ness” of a lover on the basis of whether he stays with us or not?

i was browsing through the good old forums of peyups last night when i came across this thread basically dwelling on the subject. “are you falling for the wrong person, or are you the wrong person?”

in my reply i said maybe there is no such thing as the wrong person. i meant to say we can all be someone for somebody else. but it all depends on how we make do with what there is between any two people at any given time.

today i watched this movie and got a boost for this argument. never mind that the boys were really bishonen to the max. (wipe off drool here). the story unfolds in such a way that i doubt if anyone was happy in the end.

any of the characters could have been the one for whoever was in their life at any given time during the six years or so that this story takes place. but i think each character screwed up somewhere, somehow.

i am reminded of old screw ups, and all those times i was at the other end of someone else’s screw up. and i realize that maybe it really is all about those tiny little steps we take between disclosure and drawing up the walls. it’s all about those insignificant moments we rarely remember but make the most impact on our relationships.

it’s all about saying hi or looking away. it’s about seizing that moment, or watching it slip by. it’s about opening up to the possibility or coming up with a whole list of reasons not to. one wrong move and that’s it. you’re out.

if a guy likes you he will find a way to stay, and if he doesn’t nothing will make him do so. that’s the reason people choose to keep their distance from what we have to offer. and not even flowers can make up for that. just like anything that’s sad in this world, this fact is sad because it’s true.

so until i am convinced otherwise, i’d have to keep believing that there are no wrong people for each and everyone of us. there are only reasons, and reasons make the difference between bliss and blisters.



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  1. strange, beans, because i’ve been thinking, why do we always say that the right one got away? why is it always that the one that got away is the right one? πŸ™‚

  2. we, sweetie, i wish i coud reply right now, but tinkering with the very core of my template has left me drained. i suggest we take this out over coffee. ASAP. πŸ˜‰

  3. mader vince, panalo ang bagong design ng blog page mo! taob silang lahat! ang galing!

  4. salamat!! it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of html basics, plus the rudiments of javascript. πŸ˜€ practice makes perfect badet. evolving pa din ang template ko. πŸ˜€

  5. gad, i have been wanting to get starbucks for more than a week now. alas, as you will understand, i know, wit na moolah. till the next paycheck ang byuti natin. *sigh* besides, coffee would only make you smoke more. at tigilan mo na badet!

  6. mamu, don’t say the “s” word! arrgggh! baka mapatakbo ako bigla sa st. peter’s branch. *takam na takam sa frap*

    oh, and by the way, i am phasing out hte habit. last night was the first time in a very long while that i went to sleep without smoking muna. it was an achievement! imagine from 10 pm to 1 am, the crucial “i’m thinking, in the couch by myself” hours, and i wasn’t smoking, just reading. grabe! *pat myself on the back* lolz.

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