moving out

September 29, 2005 at 11:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

i grabbed a copy of the civil code and a book on ejectment and rent control last night (and a cheap pinoy cookbook, to boot) at national. i wanted to know just exactly what the law says about my rights as a tenant.

there are valid grounds for contesting my october 15 deadline, and i figured i should look up the tax code and sic the BIR on my landlady.

but i got to think. why would i want to use the law to my own benefit? to my own vindictive ends, at that? i was hurt because the landlady is seeking refuge in the contract, an instrument which as i understand it is rendered scrap by the law if it runs counter to what the law says. she wants me to move out soon, so she can maximize her profits at my expense.

anyway i figured i wasn’t going to be THAT kind of a lawyer. (naks!)

so this morning we talked, and we agreed on two items: we are moving out by october 15, and visitorial rights at a reasonable time.

i was agreeable and rather diplomatic. an absolute contrast to the fire and bombast of my voice over the phone the other day. sigh. i really am calm and sedate most of the time, but when i do flare up, it’s soooo destructive. maybe i should be on meds for this. anger management? grrr.



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  1. bah, bagong coffee material. tara, starbucks 4f gamol! miss ko na ung cutie dun. bwehehehe!

  2. you talking about the househunt or the repressed anger because i’m such a people-pleaser? har har har

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