truth and consequence

September 20, 2005 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

the cost of a risk:

and yet, i find myself smiling. it’s all good. and i may have regrets, but it’s got nothing to do at all with the receipt, nor what is stated in it. it’s just that it’s the only thing i have to remind myself that i am capable of sticking my head out once in a while. that once upon a time, i did not deprive myself of the opportunity. the “loss” won’t last. neither will this beating somewhere inside of me. after all, how long do cut flowers stay in bloom?



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  1. i love your ending statement there…until when does flower stay in bloom?

    flowers stay in bloom when you still see the beauty in it and try to immortalize that beauty. flowers wilt when you’ve stop giving it the things it needs to survive…like sunshine and water..the blooming process ends when your merely happy to have seen it bloom..even your arms 🙂 mushy!!!

  2. i’m starting to lose sight of that beauty. which is odd since i assume the flowers have long ago lost their bloom. why do i keep holding on? i guess i should “let it flow”. 😉

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