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ripping off from jason’s blog yet again. hehe.

20 years ago
finally got promoted to the star section in my grade school. i think i had a crush on my seatmate. her name was mildred. we’d be classmates all throughout grade school until she moved to sta. isabel in high school.

15 years ago
entered high school. i had no idea how to enroll, and when mom and i went to the school that would eventually become my alma mater, we found out that the registration period had already passed. a kind lady who turned out to be the department head for physical education took notice of my card and when she saw my average, recommended me to the principal for admission. i got in.

10 years ago
i joined UJP. got to be real close with some friends from CMC who would be my pals until i get out. also got recruited into the jms school of thought through my membership in CNS, and after an exposure trip to central luzon, an invitation was extended to formally join. i accepted on november 30, bonifacio day. very symbolic. the lesson: right ideals, wrong group for me.

5 years ago
finally got my first “real job” at MODE, Inc. it was also the time i started dropping by at the Collegian office again. i started gaining weight. started going out on dates, even though i hadn’t come out yet.

3 years ago
retrenchment drama at the workplace led me to grab an opening in an NGO where i would be friends with eileen. in june we would quit together and cause a bit of tumult after we circulated our resignation letter to the network members. years later, money would disappear from the org and i’m still laughing my ass off for knowing that our ex-boss has finally been unmasked for the opportunist she is.

met maitet. met ronald. met etta. and now here i am. ta-da! no regrets. a series of fortunate friendships.

last year
found out the 25th hour was an illusion. rocketman mess. harassed by the election campaign. met new friends like tune, marnie, che, etc.

this year
spent a good part of the year sticking to what i wrote last year before my birthday. i discovered the “risk-taker” in me.

had coffee at seattle’s best with jae. girl talk. hush-hush. lips sealed.

last night
reached an agreement with mom. we’re moving out.

i am supposed to be wrapping up my paper for nina’s office. my ass is grass and the lawnmower man’s out to cut them off. will also e-mail my brother in libya. then i will rush to galleria later with the rocketman crowd to watch this gay flick or something. promised to wear a bowtie. and only a bowtie.

i am to work out a budget for the rest of the month. i will apply for a gsis e-card. i will drop by UP and apply for a transcript of records.

next year
i hope i will not be blogging every day because i will be neck-deep in readings.

5-10 years from now
if i don’t get to be a law student then i will be travelling. or maybe they are not mutually exclusive?



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  1. i tried doing this bec my sister tagged me pero hindi ko talaga magawa. ewan ko bakit. šŸ˜¦

  2. believe me it was a struggle to dig through all those memories, hehehe. it took me a day to post this. šŸ˜€

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