welcome, again

September 10, 2005 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

drop the pleasant skin. it’s time to get bitchy.

i just want to say that this blog is out here for anyone to see, and i don’t give a fig who sees it or what conclusions they form after visiting or browsing or peeking in it. i was aware of what i was getting into when i started posting all my shit online.

it’s my prerogative to impose my parochialisms on the crowded landscape of the internet and if what is to be found here doesn’t please a person then he or she can just go wherever his ass takes him or her.

my fucking url is there, and if i didn’t want anyone to see it, then i shouldn’t be linking like a fucking famewhore to sites like top blogs or what other fucking lists are out there. i would also tell my friends to shut their links to my site. i know about three or four people who did that, and since i respect their privacy, their links are not to be found on my list in the sidebar.

when you’re posting online it’s rudimentary to know that it’s the world-fucking-wide web you’re dealing with. your space only extends as far as your stupidity allows it to. link somewhere and oooops, a complete stranger is there reading through your shit, whether you like it or not.

if you’re going to be a famewhore but can’t deal with the pressure or cannot deal with the idea of anonymous people seeing what your miserable little life is all about then maybe you shouldn’t be linking like an idiot everywhere. or maybe you can do the rest of us a favor and stop blogging as a whole.



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  1. chill, honey. s’kidding. hehehe.

    angsty, but very nicely written. like it a lot!

    the best pieces are written at the height of any emotion. and i’m pretty certain you were riding that wave as you churned this out. wonder who/what caused this?

    good read, but really, i’d rather hear it straight from your mouth. =) talk soon.


  2. yes i have to admit i was sooooooo pissed when i wrote it, i actually ran out of cuss words. hehe. nothing happened on that day, i just remembered something. something bad.

    yes, talk soon. we DO have to talk. for reasons i think you know. har har har.

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