September 2, 2005 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

putting this back up. 😀

the view everytime i take a yosi break after lunch. 🙂

in the corridor. actually this is our supposed cafe 511, but with all the work we haven’t gotten around to fixing it up.

511 is our nickname for the place. and sometimes, for the people who work here as well.

the name on the door says… no, i swear the last name does not read ‘mendez’

what you see upon entering… yeah. absentee employees, har har.

attendance check! bwahahaha! notice the stack of newspapers.

reminder to self:

yep. we do a lot of meetings… zzzz

this is where the boss sits. nooo-neee-nooo.

a metaphor for my life?

i’ve tried personalizing my own corner of the office. notice the artwork on the steel cabinet, and the toys. hehe. and those cables hanging over my stuff. i swear. fire hazzard.

overview of my desk.

what’s right above my head while i work… scary!

what can i say. aesthetics have taken a back seat to the urgency of everyday battles. you should have seen how this office looked a year ago. i consider this an improvement, in all honesty. hehehe. what can i say. we’re busy people. except for this particular doofus who’s taking pictures all day and posting them on his blog.



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  1. *hahahaha

  2. hehehe! paper? deadline? ano yun? hahaha!–>

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