caught in the middle

August 30, 2005 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

how does one mediate between two friends who are caught in a rift because of something you did a year ago?

well, it seems the fallout from the whole rocketman episode has brought me this. my best friend gfnik is so incensed with what she believes to be rhapsody’s insistence that rocketman and i end up.

i actually met rhapsody through gfnik, because they used to work together. in the same office rocketman used to work for, before gfnik came in. and rhapsody and rocketman go back a long way just as gfnik and i do. the three of us (gfnik, rhapsody and i) were actually good friends at first before rhapsody started building up the ill-fated rocketman-peregrine loveteam.

a part of gfnik blames rhapsody for my confusion and the occassional slip-ups. rhapsody on the other hand is not entirely onto this sentiment. something tells me there are other issues underlining this dynamic between two very good friends of mine, but for now rocketman seems to be the crux.

i have given gfnik my assurances that rhapsody and i do not talk about rocketman anymore. gfnik is vehemently against rocketman, you see. in much the same way that her royal highness and just about everyone else were so vehemently against he whose eyes do not have it.

in any case i’ve learned my lesson and i’ve moved on, but the fallout is still wreaking havoc between the two women.

the messy scheduling at c3 last night was a nightmare. gfnik and i were giddy about spending time over coffee and reading, reading, reading. although i might have done a bit of this while reading. but i got there first and found hazelnut, another friend, waiting there for rhapsody.

before rhapsody got there, a temporarily cellphone-less gfnik arrived and was only well too sure who would be coming over. she made a quick bye-bye to go to mocha blends and i had planned to go after her but apparently she just chose to go home instead.

“i swear i didn’t know they’d be there,” i told gfnik over text.

well, anyway they got into a little bit of a tit-for-tat over text later on and i really have no idea how to handle it, other than to make sure c3 remains neutral ground.

i just get to think all this is my fault. i made a mess of the whole rocketman thing and these two highly opinionated ladies had their own take ont he matter, albeit very different.

gfnik has been my close confidant for so many years, and she always hits the spot when it comes to the stupid boys in my life. rhapsody on the other hand, is also a good friend, because we have so much fun together.

i can say it’s safe to take out the rocketman factor but i guess this is one rift i still have to tread very gently on. i just wish my friends would all get along as well.

i really don’t know how to handle this because i don’t want to lose either friend.


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